Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Today is Shrove Tuesday or as we say - PANCAKE DAY!

Hello everyone today is Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day.
Are you all having pancakes for breakfast dinner and tea.
I am cooking tonight for over 60 people so we are having a ploughman's supper plate and then pancakes (125 of them) with fresh cream and berries.
I love cooking for this group and I think they love to have me there as the group gets bigger and bigger every month.
I will post my holiday snaps! tomorrow and cannot wait to show you them.
So until now thank you for your lovely comments on our sunset over the ocean and this being a special day.............happy Shrove Tuesday to you all.
This is my lazy Tuesday.


PEA said...

Happy Shrove Tuesday to you too dear LeeAnn! Yup, I always make pancakes on that day...I've never had them with cream and fruit, though so maybe I'll try them that way this time! We've always just put maple syrup on them!! Can't wait to see the pictures...good luck cooking for that gang:-) xoxo

Susie said...

Shrove Tuesday and then Lent starts Wed.
You're really cooking for a crowd and I love them with berries and cream!

Raggedy said...

Happy Shrove Tuesday!
I loved your sunset pictures!
Great blog! I will be back.
I enjoyed my time here.

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Gotta say I'm pretty drawn to this yummy pancake tradition Lee-ann : ) And for 60 people! You must be one awesome cook (can I come over for tea lol?)

Truly, I hope you have a very blessed Lent

Blessed Week : ) Wendy

Kentucky Gal said...

butter me up some...I'll be right over...man those look good!!
Happy Shrove Tuesday to you even though I'm not sure what it is...I will look it up...

Tracey said...

Shrove Tuesday? Never heard of it before...but I'm always happy to down a few flapjacks. What time is dinner? :)

Meow said...

Happy Shrove Tuesday ... oops, I'm a day late !! Hope the cooking went well !!
We forgot to have pancakes yesterday ... maybe today, who knows (better late than never !!)
Have a great week.
Looking forward to your holiday photos. The sunset is amazing.
Take care, Meow

AnnieElf said...

Fat Tuesday for us. Have never heard of Pancake Day. Ash Wednesday today. Loved the vacation pictures. More, please? (Me sounding like Oliver).

smilnsigh said...

Ooops, someone else who is reminding me, that I forgot pancakes last evening. :-)


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