Monday, February 26, 2007

Just one last LOOK! Then the long road home from our Hoilday :o)

We had to have just this one last look at the coast before the long road home.
The day we left the water was so calm and the magnet if the beauty just kept us there for the longest time.

This is what was and still is called London bridge but about four years ago now, the bit that attached this island in the ocean to the main land made another huge strong looking arch and forty years ago I am guessing it did look like London bridge.

Why my husband and I used to drive out there (everyone did) park the car right on top up there and look around have a picnic and enjoy the view.

:o) We even took our dear American friends on a trip along this very coast they too have stood way out there.....................or did they I know one was not happy to venture too close to the cliff edge that was for sure :o)....................

Anyway about 20 years back they stopped cars from parking out there then you just had to walk out to get the best view on the coast. hundreds of visitors did it every day.

THEN..........about four years ago (I think) on a quiet tourists visiting day a family of several walked out there to take in the view and when they got to the spot way out were we have all stood before the arch between the main land and the piece they were on FELL!! YES FELL!! to the ocean and they had to be rescued by helicopter what a venture they would remember forever I am sure and their guardian angels must have watched over them that day for sure.

On the way home we stopped many time to take in the sights as we love to look at everything here is hubby on what is now left of a blue stone bridge that was built in the 1800's a new plain bridge beside it has taken its place I very much prefer the old bridge and would love to take it home for a display in my garden but alas! Hubby wouldn't let me and I have not idea why.

This is our stone walls of fences as we call them I have seen many and have wonderful memories of some I have seen in New Hampshire but these are ours

I just had to take several photos to show you all the way they did them here and they are all now part of a lovely Dry stone wall Heritage trail. many of our rail lines have gone and down in this area they have made them bike trails this is what you can see on the way.

Possibly one or two of you will understand why we liked this sign. :o)

The trail goes for a long way and when we are fit enough to ride our bikes from one town to the next we have promised ourselves to go back to the bike trail and do the trip But I know we will be stopping all the time to take in the views and read all the trail signs along its track.

To think this was built by farmers and convicts, amazing that it is still here for miles and miles and miles.

Poor hubby, we were on the road as I said heading for home and I would often say "O! could we just go back and take a look at something, sure he said!!!!
This is what we stopped to see.
A beautiful display in a forest of dry dead trees. thousands even millions of Naked ladies (well that is not their true title I am sure) but they are a bulb and they came up as leaves and then the leaves die down and a long stem with a lovely pink flower comes up.
It was so quiet and such a special place, it must have started with just one bulb many! years ago. Possibly planted by a pioneer farming family as there is an old homestead not far away and home now only to a few sheep ( but no sheds for them to sleep in - we remember that question such a lot of years ago with a fond smile on our faces ).......anyway this is such a beautiful spot I wanted to share it with you all.

We gently walked in but felt like we were witness to a very special secret event so did not like to go any further then this.
So now I have shared with you all our small escape to the coast it was a lovely adventure and we have promised ourselves many more before winter arrives.
To a special visitor to my blog..................
There are a couple of special blogger friends (old friends Hubby said) you know who they are who now visit my posts but I am unable to leave a comment for them so I must mention here that I too remember many of the things you speak about :o) but it took me several visits from you before hubby and I went yes! O'yes it is.................them! I am so so happy to be able to share with you.
Thank you to all my dear blogger friends for taking in the views of this lovely trip with me, now I am off to visit my grandchildren and will see you all tonight.
this is my Monday........................with friends.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I am so happy to gt to see all of this with you again!! It is fun to see where others in this big but small world go. YOur world is so beautiful!! You and Your hubby seem to have such a wonderful relationship!! How wonderful that i can see it even in written word!! I love visiting and I wish that somehow I could get to Australia. That would be some sort of miracle...but miracles do happen you know..Sandy

Susie said...

I wish the vacation didn't have to be over. I've so enjoyed seeing every picture. We have a very similar stone wall not far from us. Perhaps I'll share a picture some day.
What a beautiful sight of the pink naked ladies (yes we call them that as well) in among the trees.
Enjoy your time with your grandbabies, I'm about to do the very same!

Morning Glory said...

Oh LeeAnn, the pictures are just so beautiful! I've really enjoyed going on this trip with you in this way.

Where did you get the audio codes for your music that is playing? Is that from the movie "Somewhere in Time"? I'd love to find some codes like that.

Val said...

I remember when "London Bridge" fell down and thinking how spooky is that. And we missed out on seeing one of the 12 Apostles collapsing by only a few days.

I love the photos of the "naked ladies" out in the bush. We often see irises growing wild in the gully on the other side of our fence near Castlemaine - must have escaped from gardens of people living there in the 19th century, or maybe during the gold rush time as no one has lived on that land in the first 80 years of the 20th century.

Hillside Garden said...

Thanks for the photos, Lee-Ann. You had a good trip.


Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann'
Oh such a lovely holiday and beautiful scenery, Love the photo with the dead trees and Naked Ladies(Belladonna Lillies).only a couple of mine flowered this season.
Thank you for sharing your trip

Anonymous said...

A secret garden of lilies?? I bet angels meet there. I would have whispered knowing I was in a very special place.

Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures.


Penless Thoughts said...

I just linked onto your site from Morning Glory. Thanks you so much for the beautiful music and the wonderful tour of this little bit of Australia. You blessed me greatly!:-)

mommy22ss said...

more beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing.

Kathleen Marie said...

Wow, this vacation was fabulous. The pictures are just amazing. I would so love to visit your is in my planning book, just not sure when I will get there ☺

I plan to explore more of your blog!

Be sure and send a story to the writing contest! Some prizes are posted!


Penless Thoughts said...

Thank you for visiting my blog Lee Ann. Yes, we have a lot in common and I look forward to getting to "know" you better. You are the first person, outside the US, that I've found that I felt I had something in common with. That is one of my main goals in blogging is getting to know like minded people from around the world.

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful photos, all.

But those of the pink flowers in the forest of dry dead trees... just wonderful. I can almost feel what you felt there, just from looking at your pictures. Thank you for sharing all the pics from your trip.


PEA said...

Oh Lee-Ann, such breathtaking pictures once again! Yikes, I wouldn't have wanted to be one of those people who fell into the ocean with the collapsing "london bridge"!! As for the "naked ladies" omigosh how beautiful they are and I couldn't believe how many there were!!! I've never seen those before. As for the stone fences, we don't have those here in Canada but I wish we did, they look so wonderful! xox

AnnieElf said...

I've never seen a CARPET!! of Naked Ladies, just the occasional few. How pretty. And isn't it amazing what erosion can do? That is some bridge on the water.

Kerri said...

Thank you so much for sharing these vacation pictures with us. The color of the water takes my breath away! Amazing story about the "London Bridge" scary for those poor people. Thank heavens they survived the ordeal.
The lilies are simply glorious! And your dear hubby is so obliging to stop for photos :)
This part of the Aussie coast is indeed magnificent. Love those stone walls.
I'm so glad you had a wonderful few days away. Enjoy those sweet grandchildren :)

JunieRose said...


Beautiful holiday pictures!!

It was a joy looking!


Alice said...

Interesting to see the patch of Belladonna Lilies (Naked Ladies) growing wild.

Loved the photos of the Great Ocean Road - wonderful scenery.

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