Wednesday, February 28, 2007

They are part of our extended family.

I have two sisters with two dogs.
Sadly my dear littlest sister lost her lovely doggy this past week and her death was totally unexpected and very sad......................we all called her simply "Big dog"
A special sister has lost a special friend (big dog)
All our lives our families have had faithful dogs and we have enjoyed their company always.

This is "Big dog" her name is really Jade.
So goodbye good dog you I am sure are playing with our family and friends in a big old reunion that will be for sure.

Now this is the dear doggy of my other little sister she lives in Tasmania.

Her name is Boda she is a beautiful dog and has just had a life saving operation.

We hope she is feeling much better now and allowed to go to rest in her little special spot in the garden.

Boda is very lucky doggy as she belongs to very special people.

What a beautiful girl you are.


I am cooking again tonight for over 50 men! lol loo (lucky me) I think!!!

SO.................this is my Wednesday


Nicole said...

It makes me very sad when I hear of someone's loved one, of the fluffy variety, passing away. They are our extended family... our children... our friends and companions. My heart goes out to your sister.
Good luck to Boda... I dearly hope she is feeling better very soon. It can be heart wrenching to watch our pets in pain and suffering.

Val said...

Tell us more about these 50 men you are cooking for!

Dawn said...

Thank you for visiting again - I just viewed the pictures of your trip and what a lovely time you had! I have to admit I am a bit envious! But I don't envy you cooking for 50 tonight - yes, do fill us in.

Have a wonderful last day of February (or maybe it's over already for you, I can't ever keep track of the time differences).

I love the song you're playing.

Susie said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of beloved pets. They become such a meaningful part of one's family!
Are you cooking for the remodeling crew? How is your veranda progressing??

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Lee-Ann: 50!! What for...what forever for?? Plus what did you have? I suppose it is all over with now!! You are so far ahead of us in time!!
I am so sorry about these pets. I thought I was going to die too when our Lucy died!! I still miss her even though now we have adopted Annie I still miss Lucy so much. I have a poem that I will send to you. Sandy

Penless Thoughts said...

Why 50 men? You have us curious. What did you prepare for a crowd like that. I like to entertain but about 12 is my limit!

Penless Thoughts said...

Why 50 men? You have us curious. What did you prepare for a crowd like that. I like to entertain but about 12 is my limit!

Tammy said...

If you are doing that much cooking you may not have time for this but I would like to request that you please email me at so that I may capture your email address...I have begun answering comments via email...thanks a bunch...and have a nice rest when you are through!!

PEA said...

It's always so hard to lose a beloved pet. I always had a cat or dog while growing up and I remember how broken hearted I was when they would pass away. Hmmm 50 men? What's your secret??? lol xoxo

Miss Eagle said...

Our beloved Pricess Trixie Wigglebottom left this planet two weeks ago. Pictures are on The Trad Pad. We, at the Trad Pad, know what the sadness is like. And, as my mother used to say, there is a big hole in the air.

Momma Roar said...

We are a dog family too and my thoughts go out to your sister.
I had an airedale growing up whose name was Cocoa (I believe Boda to be an airdale, correct me if I'm wrong). I found your site throgh Penless Thoughts and I had to stop over because my name is Leigh Ann!!

Meow said...

It's really difficult losing a four-legged friend. They are a true part of the family. I hope your sister is doing ok.
Good luck with cooking for 50 men ... oh my goodness !!
Take care, Meow

Barb said...

How I hate it when I hear someone has lost a beloved pet like Big Dog (Jade). Unless you've been there, it's hard to explain to anyone that it really does feel almost like losing a child. When our little Maltese Chloe died a year and a half ago, Rob and I were both just lost without her. We got Chelsea as quickly as we could because it helped with missing Chloe so much. But I'll always miss Chloe.

Boda is one cute dog!

And I just scrolled through all the beautiful photos from your coastal holiday. I'm drooling. Lucky you! What a wonderful trip.

Wildflower Cabin said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of your sister's beloved dog. It's so rewarding and wonderful to have animals in our lives, but so very hard to lose them. I hope their hearts (and yours) are mended soon.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann
Sorry to hear about the loss off "big Dog" its like loosing a member of the family. Take care (((hugs)))

smilnsigh said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the death of your sister's doggie. And it happening unexpectedly is even worse. No time to prepare herself, for what was coming.

Hugs to her...


starnitesky said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of 'big dog' we are a 'dog family' too and I will be thinking of your sister and her sadness, it is so sad when we lose them.

I have enjoyed your photos from the coast.

I hope the cooking for 50 men went well!

Tracy said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of a beautiful dog - they are never with us long enough, however they give us so much love and joy that we are lucky to have known them xx
Lovely blog by the way - i shall be visiting again soon!
Tracy x

Shop girl said...

Our pet's are members of our family. I am sorry for this loss.
The love they give us is priceless.

Connie said...

Our pets are our babies. It is so sad to hear of a loss. Please tell your sister we are thinking of her.
All the best to Boda...what a doll.

Take care,

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Leanne

So sad to hear about your sister losing her dear "Big dog" It`s so heartbreaking when that happens. I`ve lost two of my own. I still get teary eyed if I think too hard about it even after all this time. I hope so much that they go somewhere. It`s impossible to believe that ones so loved could simple vanish into nothing. Wouldn`t it be wonderful if in the after life, our pets came to greet us along with our loved ones. Who knows...maybe they will. Boda has just the sweetest sweetie pie face. Hope she`s doing well now after her operation. I love dogs. They`re the only creatures who thrive on the company of man. Some say it`s all about the pack instinct and food. I believe that it`s a whole lot more as well.
Sorry I`ve gone on so long LOL


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