Monday, February 05, 2007

My "Corners of Grey old Gardens"

My Husband many weeks ago gave me a little gift :o)

It was a book, a very old book called "Corners of grey old Gardens"

At the time we just loved the book and with us being bits of this and bits of that gardeners The book asked to come home with us and we said yes! ok!. :o)

It didn't cost a kings ransom, infact it was a very cheap book

When we got home we discovered it is the first edition of 1914. It has original illustrations in colour inside that are just little paintings attached to the pages and almost all of the pages have not been cut open yet.

So! we very carefully put it in our book shelves and a couple of times I have looked at it and thought I should have gloves on or something when I look at this stunning little hard back book written and illustrations by Margaret Waterfield it is so old and such a treasure. I am honoured to own it now.

Now I know you are wondering were this is leading. Well with not a drop of water we can now use on our garden I feel our garden is that "grey old garden" as in the book and so looked around to take some photos of corners of a grey old garden today, only to discover with a smile that there are still some lovely spots that we enjoy each day in our garden and I can sit and yes look at this lovely book and simply say yes!!! it may be grey in spots but gosh! I do love the corners in our garden.

This little shelve holds many treasures that give my back area a feeling of clutter but a comfortable feeling all the same. I love the old watering cans and the rocks my grandchildren I am sure one day will say why do you have these but you know they came from a creek on a day that my husband and I will remember forever.

The vintage green with black rim enamel ware, well what can I say! this old fashioned lady just loves it. What about the old Fowler preserving or bottling outfit the colour and rustic look makes it a gem to me.

Now this is a corner of my back area that hubby and I love. We sit here in the summer evenings and chat with a nice glass of chardonnay or two :o) and talk about our days.

I like to sit here first thing on a summer morning with a hot cup of tea and think about my family and how lucky I am.

This morning I took another gentle look at this lovely book and for morning tea I shared a plate of (4) :o) Walkers Cinnamon shortbread rings with myself.

I have just discovered these beautiful biscuits yummo!

O! and mum look at my new little vintage bird plate I just know you will love this one.

The walls of our extension have not been painted yet so the primed pink weather boards do little for me but in my minds eye I can see the finished project so that is ok!

We have such a lot of lovely Artists on blogger, Janet comes to mind now and there are many others I enjoy visiting but while artist I am not I do very much enjoy the way you can display vintage plate chips like this little design of mine.

We have them in our garden every time we dig so to discover another little piece is always a thrill for me. They may have been in the soil for almost 100 years but cleaned up they look as good as new.

This close up is of the display I have done on a piece of marble we found in our back paddock many years ago and it now sits on top of an old singer sewing machine photo. I display plates outside as well the big roast platter was my great grand mothers and I am sure some of these plate chips came from one very similar.

I hope you are all having a lovely day or evening and may your day be filled with the knowledge that little corners of your garden are not grey but flow over with such happiness as does mine.

This is my my garden!! :o)


Puss-in-Boots said...

Your little corners of garden are lovely, Lee-Ann. My first thought when I saw the pieces of old plates is what a nice mosaic they would make somewhere in your garden. With the pieces embedded in cement, much the way you have photographed them, would be a nice way to keep a small piece of the past on display.


Susie said...

Loved this peek at your beautiful sanctuary of a garden!
Our garden is also filled with treasures of Mom, Grandma and those that Bill and I have created (and of course the childen and grandchildren)
lovely post LeeAnn!

Suzy said...

Hello, this is the first time I've visited your blog. Your pictures and writing made me smile. Is it summer in Australia now? We have finally gotten winter -- very late -- but it's been -10 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend!

I love winter, but I am looking forward to summer in the garden here too.

miss*R said...

oh poor dear Lee-ann, my heart breaks for you and the drought.
I am busy as a bower bird, gathering as I go - little bits of stuff for your easter basket (scavenger hunt) - one day I could call you on the phone and we could have a chat!
ps- I am in the middle of organizing a little group of ladies to have a perpetual swap group - once a month - let me know if you are interested.

Gina E. said...

Lee-Ann, everything you touch has a touch of magic. I just love the way you display bits and pieces of this and that to create a charming setting. Do you remember our patio that you step on to from the lounge room? Well, everyone says what a nice area it is and that it has so much potential to be really lovely. But I just don't have that creative mind, so next time you and Rob are visiting, would you be so kind as to put your imagination to work and give us some ideas?

Peggy said...

love visiting your garden. Especially where you have morning tea. Can't wait till spring and I can get out into the garden

Morning Glory said...

I completely enjoyed this stroll through your garden. It really does look cosy and inviting, as if a cup of tea was always ready and waiting.

Suzy said...

Have you tried using grey water on your Grey Old Garden? The waste water you would normally send down the drain -- like the washing up water -- could be used on your garden. You've probably already thought of that ...

Rebecca said...

What a TREASURE that book is! And what a treasure your husband must be!!

Your 'garden room' as I would call it, is lovely and surely a wonderful place to whittle the time away.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying such sweet things to me. I am so glad that you stop by to visit from time to time and it was even better to hear from you!

(BTW~that is much how I look on washing day in the summer...of course, my washing 'day' is more like washing WEEK since I have wash daily! :-) )

Helpmate said...

Isn't it nice to have your own special get-away? Thanks for sharing.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello Lee-Ann...I just sat down to rest a bit from working. I am pooped right now but so nice to read your blog and relax some with you. I wish I could come over and sit in your garden. That would be a real treat!! But we just live way too far away!! Have a great Tuesday (I think you are already into it)...Sandy

Sheila said...

Hi LeeAnn, thank you for visiting and leaving comments. I have tried before today to return the visit, but blogger would not allow me to comment.I'm trying again.
Your book find is super, anything like that really delights me, lucky you !!
I am aware of your drought situation as I visit with Robyn(Wednesday's child) and she has mentioned the problem. It must be hard to see your garden shrivel up, hopefully you will be blessed with some 'liquid' sunshine soon..!
Despite that there some colourful areas in your garden as you have shown. Love the china too..!

PEA said...

How I'd love to be sitting with you in that wonderful little corner of your garden, having tea and cookies with you:-) Oh wow, I would be so thrilled to be able to dig up pieces of dishes and such like you have been very exciting!! Love the way you've displayed them too!! Hugs xox

Anonymous said...

Oh Lee-Ann.. how I must have let you down. My garden is nothing compared to your lovely piece of heaven. I promise to start work on it tonight, in the lovely cool of the evening. Lots of love, nicole xox.

Kentucky Gal said...

All was very lovely...I am so looking forward to spring!!

Meow said...

The corners of your garden are beautiful. How lucky you are to be finding the pieces of china in your garden ... the mosaic you have put together looks great.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

Wildflower Cabin said...

Again, your photos are beautiful! Very pleasing to the eye and warming to the heart! Your blog is such a warm and comfortable place to visit, which is surrounded by love and beauty. Your little garden corners, as your new book, is a treasure.

Diane J. said...

Hi, LeeAnn, it's been a while since we've "chatted". I took a long look around to catch up on your "doings".

I see you're in the midst of an extended drought, as my friend Meow is. I do hope the drought is over soon. I know there have been some terrible bush fires near Meow's home.

We've had severe droughts here and nothing is sadder than watching the plants and animals suffer and die.

It's nice that you've managed to nurse along a few treasured plants, and I love your old enamelware and dishes.

Take care, LeeAnn. :-)

Val said...

After reading your post and looking at the photos, I think I can safely say that you ARE an artist, Lee-ann. Only an artist can see the beauty that is around us and display it so that the rest of us can see it. One day I hope to sit with you in those inviting wicker chairs, looking at that book you describe, and having a cup of tea.

Deb said...

I love your sewing table/potting bench. What a great idea!

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