Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So! much dusting and so little time!

This is my images for "wordless Wednesday"
I simply did not know which one to show you so here they all are.

I have collected this beautiful china since I was 16 years old "old world garden" & "Crinoline lady" it is from the 1940s-50s and I think I just may have the biggest collection in Australia it now is over 2000 pieces.
when it was displayed in the Melbourne museum I had to write how I felt about it and this is what I put on paper and how I feel in my heart.
Childhood memories are those moments in time that we treasure.
I love the memories of afternoon teas served in dainty cups and saucers and delicious cakes and sweets held on cherished little plates.
A time when our family and friends would gather and laughter would fill the room.
My Collection of Crinoline lady was started with those pieces from my past, from those treasured memories and now as another beautiful Crinoline lady piece is added to my collection I cannot help but think about its 'moment in time'; if it was part of a room full of laughter, if it was used for afternoon teas and if it watched the joy of a family gathering.
My collection of china fills my cabinets not only with the beauty of the pieces but also with its history.
So I am proud to say I collect history called Crinoline lady.
Not a very good "wordless Wednesday" sorry!
Enjoy your day..... this will be my Wednesday


Hillside Garden said...

Oh my, what a collection of porcelain! Wonderful!
I also like theese things very much and have a lot, but not so much as you.


Pamela said...

Your china collection is breathtakingly beautiful! I have never seen so many truly lovely pieces in one collection! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Linda said...

Thank you so much for visiting and for your very sweet comment.
My little tea cup collection pales in comparison to your amazing collection. Everything is just beautiful. Your hutch is very similar to the one I have in my dining room. My dad made it many years ago, and I treasure it.
So nice to meet you. Please visit again.

Morning Glory said...

What an amazing collection! It's a beautiful sight to behold.

Susie said...

I've no doubt that it has to be one of the largest and most beautiful collections I've ever seen!
Thanks for letting us see it!

Leigh Ann said...

I found you on the heart trail and had to say "hi" from one Leigh Ann to another! ;)

I love your china collection and think I might have some of it. I have six dessert plates and cake plate that would look right at home with yours. Now I know what they are! They were a present from my mom and I love them. I was just thinking about using them for my valentine's day tea.

Cheers! LA

Janet said...

You do have a fantastic collection! Everything is just so beautiful but I would hate to do all that dusting!!

AnnieElf said...

Oh my goodness, LeeAnn. Your china is breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing it all here. What a treasure.

Lee-ann said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

:o) I will add it is not normal for me to have it all out on display, sadly like this, but washing and dusting happens once a year.

I feel sometimes a smaller collection would be much more appreciated by myself.....then again I love each piece with a passion. as my comments I havejust added to this post will show! :o)


Wildflower Cabin said...

I'm speechless on this (supposedly) Wordless Wednesday (lol). It's all just BEAUTIFUL!!

Wildflower Cabin said...
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Kentucky Gal said...

I covet every piece!!
Wow they are beautiful!!

PEA said...

Oh Lee-Ann, your china collection is simply amazing and each piece so very beautiful!! I have never seen such a large china collection before, what wonderful treasures!!! Thank you so much for taking pictures to share it with us:-) Hugs xox

Seeking Simplicity said...


Just dropping by and wanted to say that you must have a green thumb... the flower pictures are so beautiful... and the picture of your Mother on her wedding day... is just priceless. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful things.

LisaOceandreamer said...

Lee-Ann I am speechless, this is the most intense personal collection of china I think I've ever seen. It's all gloriously beautiful!!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wow! Lee-Ann, what a beautiful collection of porcelain. And it has been displayed in the museum? Wonderful!

I'm a fairly "sparse" sort of person. I do have a some ointments and photos but because my place is small, I have to choose what I'm going to have on display. But then again, I can rotate!

Gina E. said...

Gosh, I thought Rob must have finished the renovations in record time, for you to have your entire collection out on display!! I saw a Tunstall cake server in an opshop yesterday for $15...should I have bought it? I was sorely tempted, but we are trying desperately to cut down on our spending as retirement looms ever closer...
BTW, there is a thread on the Ebay Collectables board asking if anyone collects Masonic stuff. The replies so far said no, it's not worth much. Go see!!!

Jeanette said...

Dear Lee-Ann
just love your China collection. its just beautifull. Thank you for sharing with us,,,(((HUGS)))

American lady said...

I had no idea you had such a wonderful collection of china! How beautiful.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Wow! These are really pretty and how wonderful that they`ve stayed in your family and have mso many memories attached :)
I`m so glad you came to visit because your blog was one I lost when I changed to Beta. Now I have put your link along the side again so I can come visit again.


Kerri said...

Lee-ann, I just love what you wrote about your beautiful collection.
Your joy in everything and love of life shows through in all your writings!
No wonder they wanted to put this wonderful collection on display! Isn't it good that it's behing glass so you don't have to dust it quite so often! :)

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