Thursday, March 22, 2007

In my day dreams..................I see

Hello everyone....................This morning everything feels as if it is in slow mode for some reason and I just had to sit and have one more cup of tea before I get ready for a Day at the Second hand store.
Anyway as I was sitting and day dreaming I was thinking about all the dear friends I have around the world and how much my life has changed for knowing you all. I have learnt all about beading & embroidery and have been on some wonderful holidays and trips with you, I have visited many gardens around the world, and taken a look at very special art right here in little home office. I feel like I know some of you so well and friendship if we were to bump into each other on a busy street would just take off with lots of chatter and like we had known each other for many years.
I guess it's what they call enjoying blogging and making new friends;
"belonging to a blogger family of friends"

I also wanted to share with you a wall plaque my mother painted for me.

I took it from the back wall when they started painting and have had it sitting on my kitchen window for awhile and when I was day dreaming about family and friends I looked up to see this lovely piece that was painted by my mum for me!

Each brush stroke is done with such a lot of love and the laughter comes from her joy of life mum has had many low points of her life but let me tell you she never gave away her smile or her laughter.

Friends well without friends who would we share a grandchild's first words or a story or two, Mum's life has been filled with many friends and while some went far too early in life and others she has known most of her life she has always had time for new friends and that makes her such a gem to know should you see her smiling face in the street for a chat and a "hello" you are truly the lucky one.

Mum this little plaque holds for me every moment and every special event that ever was part of your life because I know you would have day dreamed like me while you put the paint in just the right spot with a smile on your passionate caring face.

Summer is coming for friends around the world and I have been thinking about a particular spot and two particular friends who will enjoy their summer.

When I day dream I always think back to a moment when two friends sat and kept watch over a beautiful beach and chatted and enjoyed each others company and friendship and I miss that right now but know we will sit again one day in that very spot and chat as if it was yesterday again.

This tiny picture was taken at Kennebunkport beach and my day dreams always end right there as I never can get beyond the beauty of such a special place.

Anyway my lovely cup of tea is now finished and my day dreams have been tucked away for another day.

This is my Thursday.............I am so blessed to know you all!


Rachel said...

The wall plaque is absolutely lovely!!!

Morning Glory said...

What a wonderful gift from your mother. It's so very pretty.

Reading this was like sitting next to a cozy fire and feeling the warmth it spreads into a room. Friendship is a beautiful thing -- even in blogland.

Sheila said...

The plaque your Mum made for you is lovely.
And if your mum is anything like mine was, she is probably one of your best friends..xx

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

Your mother painted that?!
It is so beautiful!!
I am just in awe! What amazing talent!

Penless Thoughts said...

Sweet soothing words & thoughts.

meggie said...

What a lovely post to your mother. A lovely picture she painted.

PEA said...

Dearest Lee-Ann,

Your words perfectly describe how I also feel about my blogging friends...the places I've been to, the cooking I've tasted, the tears and laughter I've shared, etc....right here from my computer chair!!

The plaque your mom painted for you is absolutely delightful! I can't get over all the details, it's just perfect!!! Our moms are so special, aren't they! Mine just made me an angel and I've posted about it today:-)

Take care my friend! Much love xoxo

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Lee-ann: You know I feel like I know you!! Crazy I know but I feel that way!! Your post today was just great and with the music playing well I just wished that I could come right over and sit and have tea with you!!
If I were you I would use that picture at the top of my blog!! It just needs to be there!! It would fit and would just be the place for it!! I would treasure it as I am sure you do...Sandy

Wildflower Cabin said...

That plaque is amazing and beautiful! What talent! Your entire post is just sweet. It is nice to make friends from around the world through the internet...something those from yesteryear did not have the opportunity to experience. I wonder what they would think if they popped in to see what we were doing in ways of communication?!

Tammy said...

I love your plaque!! I wish I was talented enought to turn that into a blog banner for you...that would be awesome!
You are a blessing Lee-Ann!!

Peggy said...

and we are blessed to know you!

Alice said...

What would life be without the ability to daydream? Of course, some of us probably do a lot more daydreaming than we ought, or at least, more dreaming than doing, but to be able to be transported to any place, be any thing, or even do any thing, even if only in our minds, is so exciting.

I love the way you write about your mother. The deep love and respect you have for each other is wonderful, and I somehow feel wrapped in that love, too.

Thank you, dear friend.

Kerri said...

Beautiful thoughts, beautiful words Lee-anne. We do have a vast and lovely circle of friendship here in blogland. It's a blessing to know you dear friend and be able to share your thoughts, and pictures from your everyday life.
your mum did such a wonderful job on that pretty plaque. You're lucky to have such a precious and close relationship with her.

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