Monday, March 19, 2007

Shopping day - I have had some fun! today <^..^>

It was a fun day for me today but also a very busy day as well
Our son has moved so I went to his home and packed the last of his pieces and cleaned the cupboards and bathroom etc. you know how it is mum's just have the knack! to get it done quickly with less fuss.
Then it was off to do a little shopping and I enjoy taking a look around the shops from time to time and found some very nice Easter treats for our 8 little grandchildren.

I like to get them all a winter dressing gown each Easter but I am sure a few tiny Easter treats will not hurt as well.
Aren't the bags such nice colours and the Easter cards are sweet too.

These little chocolate bunnies are so adorable and will be yummy I am sure. Five little boy Easter bunnies and three little girl bunnies just like the 8 little grandchildren we have.

While I was out how could I not go past a second hand shop. I found another lovely American cook book so I will be sitting up in bed for the next few nights reading this one it is dated 1944 and is filled with some great info.

The other two in front my mother in law sent me in the post they are just lovely and one is dated 1916 I have some great reading that is for sure.

My other project is I am going to knit myself a Beanie for winter and I found this wool in a little shop the colours are just so bright and will be fun to knit and even more fun to wear.

I see tonight that America is having a huge snow storm over New York, Pennsylvania etc. so if you are there or find yourself in that part of the country please stay safe and careful on the roads.

Our Autumn leaves are starting to turn some nice colours now and I will get a photo or two to show you all. We are hoping for some rain soon and while we have lost several smaller trees it looks as if our fruit trees are all still alive.

Rushed home and cooked Apricot chicken and baby pototoes oven roasted with rock salt and made a tossed salad.

I am off to work tomorrow at the op-shop and look forward to a chat with friends while I am there.

take care everyone until next time this is my Monday.


Kali said...

Good Evening Lee-ann, what a nice Mum you are to go and help your Son with the cleaning, and then to go and do some Easter shopping!
It all looks so lovely and so do your books.
I can't wait to see your beanie...I wish I could knit properly.
I also must say that I enjoy seeing posts and pictures of your collections, they certainly are very special!
I hope you have a happy week.
Take care, Kali :)

miss*R said...

Lee-ann - have you had any rain? we have been having thunderstorms for a few weeks and although still in drought - our gardens are being watered.. I sure hope you get some soon xo
when i was little, my nan would buy each of us a pair of winter pyjamas for Easter, always with chickens on them.. I continue this with my grandsons, although chicken pj's are hard to find these days.
I love beanies, I thought I was the only one who wore them :)

Peggy said...

What a wonderful grandma you are! Wish I had been there shopping with you as you found some nice items. I so enjoyed seeing your sideboard. As I get the diningroom back in order I will post photos. The kitchen is being packed up for remodel so that one will have to wait. Thanks again for sharing your home. I just love visiting.

Susie said...

You do the same as me with the grandchildren and Easter, except I buy mine a summer shorts outfit!!
Yours will love all those treats...
Those cookbooks look quite interesting. Hope you find an good recipe or two to try.
Can't wait to see you in the beanie!!

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

You did find some wonderful items at the second hand shop!! I love going to those stores!!

The wool for your beanie is so bright and colorful! I enjoyed seeing the items in your sideboard too! Very nice!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Old cookbooks are so much fun. I have one that reads (for example) 25 cents worth of hamburger!!! Can you believe probably was a lbs worth but they gave the current price. Too funny. Loved the colors in your new yarn. You'll have to let us see the tam.

Janet said...

All the goodies for the grandkids look yummy and fun....I love that girl in the long dress at the back. Is that a candy doll? She's lovely. And I'm so envious of your cookbook finds!! Even though I hate to cook I love old cookbooks. I'm sure you'll find some interesting recipes. Love the colors in the yarn. It will make a very pretty beanie.

Linds said...

Hi there, Lee-ann, how lovely to meet you! Thanks for popping by to visit. I have had great fun reading your posts, and I just love all the Easter bits you have gathered for your grandchildren. My Mum churns out beanies regularly, and that wool is lovely. I tend to knit scaves every winter. I love all the varigated shades of wool we can get nowadays. It should be spring, but it is snowing as I speak. Sigh.
I will be back!

Morning Glory said...

Those grandchildren will consider you the benevolent grandma, for sure. It looks like you had a very productive day out at the shops.

Sheila said...

Thank you for stopping by Lee-ann, it was good to hear from you.
It's hard to believe it's Fall there again..and Easter too very soon.
I loved the photos of your sideboard. I like that you use everything and none of it is just for show, that exactly how it should be.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hey there Lee-Ann...We are in Tennesee and trying to finally get back home to Ga. We have been gone now for almost 2 weeks. We were hoping to get closer to home but the winds were so bad that we had to stop. It made driving our motor home terribly hard. Nice to be able to visit you again. Sandy

Raggedy said...

What a wonderful post!
You found such beautiful things!
The cook book sounds very interesting.
The dinner you made sounds yummmy!
Your grandchildren are going to love the suprises!
My extended family all live on the east coast in Maryland and Pennsylvania. I will give them a call because I thought winter was over for them until I read your post here.
Huggles and Love,

Dawn said...

Well, thanks so much for coming over for another visit. I love thinking about you knitting yourself a beany for winter while we're finally getting rid of our snow and enjoying the flowers coming up finally!

What a good Monday you've had. I need to get some Easter shopping done.

PEA said...

Hello dear Lee-ann:-) I've only been away for a few days but I feel like it's been a month! lol Now I'm trying to get caught up with everyone. Your grandkids will love all the treats you got for them for Easter:-) I love old cookbooks too, especially the ones that have all the old true and tried recipes!! xoxo

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-ann
Your little Grandchildren are going to love there Easter treats.
I love the little doll in the background. I will go out next week to buy mine there Easter treats.

Lazy Daisy said...

Awww...what a good grandmother you are. My first great is in Canada and growing so rapidly she'll be grown before I can see her. Love your site and your pictures. It was eye candy for me.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Lee-Ann thanks for stopping by and welcoming me back home!! Mike and I just could not seem to get that motor home to float over to Australia. As it was with tires blowing out all over the place we were having enough problems without having water problems too...Smile!! I would love to come and visit with you though!! Thanks for stopping least we can do our visiting through blogland. Sandy

Barb said...

Hi Lee-ann,

Yes ma'am, I DO know how much help we moms are when our grown kids are moving. Krissy's last move almost killed me! LOL

I love that yarn! What a sweet little hat that's going to make. Stores where I can buy yarn are like book stores to me - my favorite places.

And what lovely Easter treats you got for your granchildren. Hey! I have a granchild now. Woohoo! I need to find a big stuffed toy and whatever kind of candy an 18 month old can eat. Surely one little chocolate bunny wouldn't hurt him, right?

It's so strange to me to hear you talk about autumn and winter coming. It's starting to heat up out here in western Colorado - spring has sprung and I'll bet you anything we have our air conditioning running full time within a couple of weeks.

I enjoyed visiting you this afternoon. Talk to you again soon.

Gwen said...

Hi Lee-ann.
Those g/children are sure going to have a great easter.
Stay Well

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