Friday, April 27, 2007

Morning tea in my little cottage kitchen

Hello everyone well! I am so thrilled to have seen so many of you at my birthday party we just had enough cake to go around! and I had a great day and enjoyed very much your comments.
I do very much love having you all in my life and know we will all be friends and bloggers for many years to come.
Believe it or not we are looking forward to some rain coming our way and when I get that warm fuzzy feeling come Autumn I love the smell of cinnamon cooking in my kitchen so here I am with a little morning tea of hot freshly baked cinnamon and honey muffins (yes I like this shape better then the round ones) with a crumble topping, and a nice cup of tea.

On Fridays our book keeper comes here to our home office to do the paper work so she just had her muffin and cup of tea and enjoyed it I think and then I took two warm muffins over to my neighbours............Yes I have lovely neighbours and have watched their four children grow up to the teenager stage. ((smiles)) they had tiny children and new Born's when they moved here and ours were teenagers so now the reverse is happening.
Below is a picture of my vintage milk jug covers I know they are not common in USA or England but here in Australia they were common and used on every table in the 30s-50s When I find them I am so thrilled to be the new owner.

These ones have lovely Bakelite and plastic beads on them and the idea of the beads was to hold down the crocheted jug covers so no flies could get into the milk in the jug and go for a swim!!

Last night was an evening out for the manager and assistant manager and the volunteers of our op-shop which you all know I work in. Each second month one of is picked out of a hat to choose a place to eat at and this month was my turn...........We had a meal at the Railway Hotel in Castlemaine and it was quite nice I had trout and did not particularly enjoy it but some of the other meals look so nice there was curry, pasta, steak etc. anyway the meal is only a small part of the evening it was more about enjoying the company of those who we may not work with so much as they are on another day.

Lyn the manager is the lady in the middle in the green jumper and she is one of the nicest people you are ever likely to meet.....her compassion for others is beyond anything I have known before. wonderful lady and I thank her for my very cute case to hold papers etc. my gift for doing the night.

This is my husband and he is a sincere warm man who holds close to his heart his family and his faith many in our circle of friends and family do not know how religious he in fact is.........He is also a mason and holds the honour of being the master of a Freemasons lodge.

His passion for life no matter how things work out at time is always with much zest.

This past week Wednesday 25th was Anzac day here in Australia a time to honour those who have fallen in battle and those who returned to their home lands knowing they fought with honour for their country. Anzac day is about a particular battle they fought with very low odds of survival along side the New Zealander's but it now is a symbol of the courage and mate ship we Australian have for our country our family and our mates.

My husband in this photo wears with pride this night some of his fathers medals he got serving overseas on many USA battle ships and as a major in the Australian Army to honour his father who passed away of cancer many years ago.

His father was a mason as well and his father before him I know they would be proud of my husband because he cares deeply about those around him and takes it upon himself to be the first there should the need be known. I will just simply add here for those who feel our faith and our beliefs cannot go hand in hand with freemasonry it does stronger then you can imagine and with the belief faith holds us all together.

I do hope this finds friends around the world happy and well

Blessings to you all on this my Friday! - waiting for the rain.


Shop girl said...

I can't believe I am the first to leave you a note. I loved the cup covers..I had never seen them fun. And the food looked so Yummy. Happy Everyday,
Hugs, Mary
Your life looks really special.

Susie said...

I love the interesting things you share with us. I had never heard of jug covers till just now!
Our daughter was in Job's Daughters so I am somewhat familiar with Masons :)

Val said...

I remember seeing those jug covers for the first time when I came to Australia, and my mother even took one back to the U.S. as a "souvenir"!

The Railway Hotel is a nice place to eat - and very funky. I love the atmosphere. What a lovely way to spend some leisure time with your fellow volunteers.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Lee-Ann! I'm so glad you have commented. I had problems with Blogger a few months ago and lost my sidebar. But gradually, I'm getting my blogger friends and you are one I've really missed.

Thank you for your kind comment and I'm so glad to have found you.


Miss Eagle said...

Oh, Lee-Ann, can I really smell the cinnamon and honey from your kitchen so far away in Upper Gully? What charm. Sharon and Gina and Miss Eagle will be getting together here in Upper Gully on Sunday. We will think of you and miss you. Look after your darling Dearly Beloved. Dearly Beloveds are so precious and time can be so short and fleeting.

Blessings and bliss

Penless Thoughts said...

I too had never see the jug covers. What a precious idea. I love dainty things.

Your hubby looks very dashing I know you are proud of him.

You're posts are always a joy to read. Thank you for being one of my furtherest blog friends. (In distance - not in heart!)


Isabelle said...

Thanks so much for your comment on my blog about my dad. I had no idea that you ever read me! I read you and am always cheered by your positive attitude to life.

My Granny always put covers like that over the milk jugs, though I don't really know why, since Scotland isn't a very fly-ish country. But I liked playing with them when I was a little girl - the beaded covers, not the flies, you understand.

PEA said...

I'm packing up right now to go have morning tea with you!!!! I wishhhhh! I had never heard of the cup covers...what a brilliant idea and it's no wonder you get so excited when you can find them:-) Your hubby looks very handsome and has every right to be proud to wear his father's medals, bless his heart! Much love to you and yours my friend! xoxox

lila said...

Happy Birthday, Lee-Ann!

AnnieElf said...

Hi Lee-Ann and Happy Birthday. And doesn't your love look ever so handsome too.

Lee-Ann - I just recently started crocheting and I'm just crazy about those little jug covers. I now know what my next project will be - starting THIS weekend. And finally, a use for all the beads I collect and never use.

Enjoy the Fall weather for me, my favorite time of the year. If I had lots of money and could, I think I would follow Fall all over the world and never settle down.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hey there Lee-Ann...Boy would I have loved to come and had a cup of tea and one of those hot cinnamon bars with you!! It is so hot here that hot tea does not sound good BUT with you I know it would be great!! Everything just looks so good!! I forget that you are going into your winter soon...Seems so odd to me...Sandy

Peggy said...

I love those milk pitcher covers!!! Looks like you had a wonderful evening and your husband looks handsome as usual. have a great weekend

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann
Belated happy birthday sorry I missed the party, wasnt feeling up to it.with not eating and when I did I didnt know if i was going to throw up or pass the other end. lol
but I can join you with one of those delicious smelling muffins.Ihave a few of Mums jug covers in the draw Imust get them out yours look lovely, ((((HUGS))))

Remiman said...

Golly seems like forever since we've chatted. Sorry to miss the birthday party but those cinnamon and honey muffins look just scrumptious. With a cup of tea i could be quite satisfied. I hope you and your husband have had a splendid summer and are enjoying your autumn. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. I always enjoy your missives.

Kerri said...

Mmmmm, smell that cinnamon! Delicious. I'm going to get fat visiting you, with all these lovely sweets! The milk jug covers are so pretty.
Your night out with the girls sounded like good fun.
That hubby of yours looks very handsome all dressed up and wearing those medals. You have every reason to be proud of him. You suit each other well and make a lovely couple :)

Meow said...

Hi Lee-Ann, hope you got some much needed rain. They said it was going to rain heaps, but unfortunately, here in Melbourne, we didn't get anything near what they forecast !!! Oh well, who ever believes the Weather Bureau, anyway !!
Cooler weather always sends me into the kitchen, too, but I love to make soups and stuff like that !! I love the smell of winter cooking !!
My, your husband is a handsome man ... he looks like a warm cuddly teddybear (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). He comes across, in the photo, as a very warm, welcoming person. You are very lucky.
Take care, Meow

see you there! said...

I enjoy reading and viewing little corners of your world tht is so far away from me.

I've seen those covers used for cream pitchers and for iced tea. I never see them in shops here tho.


Gina E. said...

Great photo of Rob - I thought from what you'd said, it would be a pic of him in his regalia! Now that you have 'come out', can I post my photo of him in his regalia? No, better if it's on your blog...people might get the wrong idea - LOL!

Rebecca said...

I remember those mik covers well, I grew up in Africa and my American mother had them all over things......I think there may still be some stored away in the house "for memories sake"!!

Gwen said...

Hi Lee-Ann.
That morning tea looked nice sorry I missed it.
Our volunteers get together with a
dinner paid for by [ST Vinnies]
which is our local "OP SHOP".
Stay Well Will visit again soon.

Gwen said...

kegwjiHi Lee-Ann.
That morning tea looked nice sorry I missed it.
Our volunteers get together with a
dinner paid for by [ST Vinnies]
which is our local "OP SHOP".
Stay Well Will visit again soon.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogger Birthday my dear friend. Sorry I have'nt been around to visit much lately. I hope your week is fabulous.

slap me happy said...

the picture of your mums wedding day is just beautifull. What a stunning looking woman too. Dont worry your not bad looking either

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