Thursday, May 17, 2007

On! a lighter note! - Autumn/Winter in my garden


It has rained here now for three mornings and believe it or not We may get some more yet.
I took a little walk around my wet and needing some love garden this morning and.......
these are the things that made me smile............

Not many flowers that were happy without water but these are lovely.

Mushrooms! YES! in my garden

The pear trees loosing their leaves

A gift of a plant is always a joy and will always make me smile

This was many! many! years ago my grandmothers washing machine I had to keep it! I truly did. ((smiles))

This beautiful sewing machine (singer) I found at the rubbish tip many years ago and told husband "yes it was coming home!"

A rusty old "vintage" gate that is always open and will always welcome! you to my back door.

Have yourself a lovely Thursday...................I just know mine will be!


PEA said...

Omigosh, I remember my mom having a washing machine like that...when she'd put the clothes through the rollers, I loved to pull them from the other side and I'd laugh at how flat the clothes had become:-) She also had a Singer sewing machine like that!! You certainly brought back a lot of memories for me with your garden pictures!! Beautiful flowers by the way:-) xox

Melli said...

Oh, it's a LOVELY garden! And I love the old "treasures" hiding in its midst! ;)

"Early Bird" said...

what a sweet post! It is always amazing to me that are seasons are opposite!

Morning Glory said...

I love every one of those pictures. I know I'd enjoy a stroll through your garden!!

leslie said...

I, too, remember my mother using a "wringer washer" like that and found it fascinating to watch as she pulled the clothes through, then took them outside to hang on the outside line. She also taught me to sew on a Singer sewing machine just like the one in your garden. I love your flowers and can hardly wait to plant some in mine next weekend - it's spring here, you know! :D

Val said...

As I read this Thursday morning the rain is teeming down in Melbourne, and there's finally some thunder (how many times have they forecast a thunderstorm and it hasn't happened?) So I hope you are again getting some much needed rain there, Lee-ann.

That wringer washer is a beauty, I can vaguely remember my mother using one in the late 40s.

Susie said...

My Mom and Grandma used a wringer washer. Grandma had a Singer sewing machine almost identical to that. I love the treasures in your garden. It would be such fun to walk through it with you!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Finally you get to have a garden. I remember that awful drought that you had!! boy do you have great flowers!! I wish mine looked that good. NOW WE NEED RAIN!! Funny...we just traded problems!! I hope you had a great Thursday...Sandy

Penless Thoughts said...

Delightful tour through your delightful garden. Love all the old treasurers, including the gate.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Lee Ann :)

I also remember my Mum using one of these old washers when I was very small! Mushrooms in your garden, wow! Love that old gate you have. It`s very wellcoming. Have a wonderful weekend.


Alice said...

So glad you have rain, flowers and other things to make you smile in your garden. I hope you get lots more of everything.

Did you steal my mother's washing machine and her sewing machine? I remember both of those well - even used to sew on a machine just like that. They are worth a lot of money now.

smilnsigh said...

My mother had an old Singer sewing machine. Which had been made electric, so it was easier to use. No, I don't still have it. :-(

And you still have pretty in your garden, though it's now Autumn/Winter. :-)


Connie said...

I love how you give those items less fortunate a home!! I agree with Melli that they are wonderful treasures.

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.


Peggy said...

I love the photos! especially your grandmas washing machine

AnnieElf said...

I love your style Lee-Ann. That washer made me think of my grandmother. Her's looked very different but a fine memory. Very happy to have my 6 month old Kenmore.

Merle said...

Hi Lee-ann ~~ I enjoyed seeing your flowers and the garden treasured memories of earlier days. I liked the idea of the "always open gate" as a
welcome to friends and family.
Thank you for your visit and I am glad you liked the "Handwriting on the Wall" and took a copy of it.
May we have more rain yet -- it has been wonderful. Stay well and happy
Take care, Love, Merle.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-ann your post bought a lot of memories back. gees I had a washing machine like that when i was go married and i learnt to sew on a singer treddle machine. your garden looks so attractive with all your treasures/
Btw I Tagged you

Linda said...

What a lovely, unique garden. The flowers look beautiful - and I love the sewing machine and washer. You are so creative.
Have a blessed weekend!

~ Janice ~ said...

Oh I dearly love how you are using the washing machine, sewing machine and old gate. You have given them a lovely place to retire and be loved. Your flowers and turning leaves are gorgeous. Many blessings to you!
Janice (used to sign as Flora)

Kerri said...

How wonderful that you've had some welcome rain! Your garden is lovely with the old treasures hidden among the plants.
I loved your tribute to your mum. What fun to have an artistic mother! You look so much like her! :) xoxo

Meow said...

YOu have a beautiful garden, and I love the washing machine and sewing machines perched therein.
We have mushrooms coming up everywhere at the moment ... isn't it wonderful, that it's raining (finally). Hope it keeps up.
Take care, Meow

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