Wednesday, June 06, 2007

GREATEST woman's gathering

Hello my friends I am home!
It was a wonderful few days that went way too fast and our plans were started for the next gathering of woman of the family as soon as we got together.
We came from many areas of Australia but we all had one destination in mind the Adelaide airport. We organised a little van so we could all travel together and the chatter, laughter and much important information was shared in that van let me tell you.
You should have heard the excitement in the van when our daughter announced to her grandmother, aunties & cousins etc. she was having another baby and it is due to arrive into the world on her mum's :) birthday. O! how that little one is so very much loved by all even now.

This is some of us in the van we didn't waist a moment so much chatter and laughter.

This was our home for a few wonderful days and as you can see we truly made ourselves comfortable.

The beach was fun even for a winters day we had a lot of running to do and so too did the children.

Photos! we took so many photos of the family and each other it was so nice to see so many smiling faces.

Here is a photo of some of the group at this wonderful gathering and there were still a couple to come and a couple taking photos. (yes there is one very lucky little boy) too having the best time ever.

The view from our front veranda.

It was a lovely home with special memories made by us all here at this gathering of woman.

I tired to put a post up last night to only find it went missing so will add just this tiny part of our holiday today and put another post up a little later.

I just want to tell those who visit my blog I am so lucky to have such a lovely lot of ladies in my family, there was a great grandmother, sisters and aunties, daughters and grandchildren. It was a time were we learn't a little more about each other and were we laughed and cried. it was a time to give advise and to share dreams but most of all it was a time to gather together knowing we are "family" there for each other even if some of us live such a long way away.

This is my Wednesday - pleased to have been away and now pleased to be home.



Susie said...

What a lovely family time LeeAnn! Your getaway location was gorgeous..
How exciting to learn that you will soon have another grandbaby to love!!

~ Janice ~ said...

Welcome Home!! It's nice to hear you had such a lovely and fun time. Your photos are great! I had to smile knowing there was one little boy in your midst. :o) We call that an onion in the petunia patch! (lol). How fun! And congratulations to all of you with the news of a new family member on the way. Blessings!

AnnieElf said...

Oh Lee-Ann, I'm almost envious of your good fortune to have such a tradition as the gathering of women of your family. The picture of the encroaching clouds was like a gathering of the power of all those women together in one place. Welcome home and start dreaming of next year.

Rowan said...

You obviously had a wonderful time with the female half of your family. How great to have a grandchild born on your birthday - hope it knows exactly when it is supposed to arrive:)

Puss-in-Boots said...

Lee-Ann it sounds as if you all had a wonderful time. It's lovely to be amongst your closest women relatives and friends, to just let loose.

Anyway, it's also nice to have you back.


Alice said...

What a wonderful idea, all the women of a family having a few days together. How could you fail to have a fantastic time.

So thrilled to read that you have had good rains. I hope you'll get much more in the coming months as I'm sure 'too much will never be enough'.

Penless Thoughts said...

This is such a lovely thing. You are truly blessed to have a family like this.

"Early Bird" said...

What a wonderful time you had!!

PS...I would email ya but...I noticed my real name in your links...and when I clicked on it oh my!
Someone has taken over the old site...title and all and it is not me by any means...would you please change it to my new site? Thank you...

Anonymous said...

I love tradition. It is something that I strive to adhere to in our family. It's good for the soul.
Glad you are back and safe my friend. xox

Gina E. said...

Hi LeeAnn, thanks for popping into my blog to say you are back! Sounds like you had a great time with your family as usual. You are so lucky...if I tried to organise something like that with the women in our family it would end up a real bun fight :-(

smilnsigh said...

Glad you're home. And so glad you had a wonderful time.


Janet said...

How I envy you having all those women in your family, and being able to get together and share your dreams and ideas. And I love that one little boy was "allowed" into the bunch!!

Congratulations on the new baby on the way!

Peggy said...

Oh what a wonderful time you had! What a beautiful family. I am so happy you shared the get together with us. I am so going to try to get the women of my family together next year and start a tradition too.

PEA said...

Welcome home Lee-ann:-) I so loved seeing all the photos and hearing about the wonderful time you all had...I wish I was part of your family! hehe Such a beautiful scenery outside the window!! And congratulations on the news that you are to become a grandma again:-) xoxo

meggie said...

What a lovely family tradition. It must bond you all closer.

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