Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The colour ~ can it be THAT IMPORTANT??

Color in my home

But first thank you so very much my dear blogger friends for making my sister so welcome. I know she will enjoy her blogger when she starts to add interesting bits about her family and her life.
Now this colour thing is getting to Me............O! gosh is the paint colours so important? do you think anything will do? what about matching them to the woodwork and the ceiling O! I am so stuck on all this the painter (dear hubby) is still waiting. I just cannot decide.
I live as many of you know in a 100 year old miners cottage so that is to be considered, then the house inside is to be kept as close as possible to original styles, now that has to be taken into the equation as well. And then I have for the most part vintage furniture and live in a vintage style in a cold part of the country with three open fires and very dark heavy Burgundy curtains so now what do you all think because I have tried many different colours and come up with nothing I like so far.

We sat at my dear grans old kitchen table and looked and looked and looked but still it does not look right either too light! or too dark! too yellow! or even too green.
goodness me that is it I am making a cup of tea and putting it all away for a day or two, Yes I think that is a GOOD IDEA.

O! that is better a slice of fudge brownie and cream and a cup of tea and a little look through a couple of new (old) cook books I just found at a second hand shop :)

now I am happy! lol lol lol lol

Thank you dear friends also for the lovely comments left on my last post about family and my simple life. I love to hear from you all and enjoy your comments very much.

This is my Tuesday ~ color everywhere but none I like lol lol lol


Alice said...

Is it the whole house that you are wanting to paint?

Since the burgundy curtains would seem to be a focal point, firstly think about colours that will either compliment or contrast with the burgundy.

If look at all the paint charts, especially those on a strip, select one that has burgundy (as close to your curtains as possible) and then choose a much lighter shade on the same strip. You can even have the paint made up to only half strength, or whatever you like. If you choose from the same colour range, then the colours won't clash, and the overall effect will be one of harmony.

If you want a contrasting colour, again use burgundy as your focal point and choose something that will work well with it, eg. soft green, cream.

Ask your paint dealer for advice about how colours appear on the wall. For instance some colours, eg. pink, will appear darker once it's on the wall, whilst other colours will appear lighter.

Since you want to maintain the period look, don't go for bright colours and, of course, spending a little money on sample pots will same expensive heartache later on if you choose the wrong colour.

Best of luck, Lee-ann.

Mountain Mama said...

When I remodeled I was totally overwhelmed with all the color choices. I had to take a break from it for a few weeks and then go back and take only two shades of each color I was considering. Then I took them home and really took my time deciding. That was about six years ago and I still like the colors.
I know that the colors you choose must be pleasing to your soul or you won't be happy with them.

Susie said...

Oh my goodness! I certainly could have used Alice's good advise! She sounds so knowledgeable!
I usually end up with a color that just "feels right" to me. Silly, I know!!

Val said...

I think the next time we have to decide on colors I'm going to ask Alice down to Melbourne and she and the Man Who Cooks (=the painter) can slug it out! One thing I always have to dissuade hubby from is using too many colors - he wants to "pick out" the details - but I think that that makes too much work, both in selecting and painting.So I'm just for two colors maximum.

But I have total faith that what you eventually pick out, Lee-ann, will be beautiful!

Kelli said...

I always have trouble picking out paint colors too. I hope you find the perfect ones! A brownie snack and cup of tea sounds good to me!


Penless Thoughts said...

I've been going through the same think about paint. We put in some new French Doors where the sliding glass doors use to be and I need to repaint that wall and cannot decide. So we've done nothing yet. Every other time I've known exactly the look I've wanted and had no trouble. I don't know what's with this!!!

PEA said...

You keep looking at the paint, I'll have another cup of tea and slice of that brownie!!! hehe Oh dear, I know what you're going through...I can never make up my mind about what colour I want the walls...that's why they're all white! lol Alice has some terrific advice!!! xoxo

Miss Eagle said...

Lee-Ann, pick a no-colour for your walls. I have deliberately said no-colour rather than neutral because you might be surprised what can be used in a neutral way. In fact, the softest dustiest pink against your burgundy curtains could be no-colour neutral and the men won't object. Then I would suggest that if you don't emphasise colour on your walls, all your colour emphasis can come from textiles - which is clearly what you are doing with the burgundy curtains. Textiles come in all sorts of places: cushions; anti-macassars; table runners and slip covers. And the wonderful thing about relying on textiles for your colours and brightness rather than having a colourful painted finish, is that you can ring the changes. Do textile decorating with a cream or white emphasis, then when you get sick of it pack it away neatly and try something else. Later on, that neatly packed away stuff will come back into your life again and into fashion again and, hey presto, you not only break the monotony you burst into fashion without having to repaint or re-invest. You have such beautiful pieces and clearly have a good eye - so don't drive yourself nuts. It will come together to suit your own unique style.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh dear, Lee-ann. It's an awful choice, isn't it? Glad I don't have that conundrum.

Isabelle said...

We're getting just one room redecorated and I eventually decided on just the right shade of pale green - we had four bits of paper painted with slightly different shades from sample pots. Then all of a sudden I decided that what was needed was cream - another four sample pots. The painter's doing it right now so I hope I made the right decision!

I would always advise choosing a paler colour than you originally thought. They always look brighter on the wall than they do on a sample patch. But I imagine you know that already and I'm just a teacher, so what would I know?

Looking forward to seeing the result!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Never ask me because i just pick the colors that I like and go from there. If i like a color I just go with that color and that is that!! I would take some of these wonderful ladies advice...it seems you have received quite a bit. I read through it all and it sounds wonderful!! What help!! My!! I think sometimes you see too much!! Have a cup of tea and pick your favorite color...that is my advice..but what do i know...Sandy

Sharon Kay said...

Alice gave you a lot of wonderful ideas. I love the new color that so many are using in their homes......chocolate brown with white trim and molding.......it is beautiful.

Barb said...

Goodness, Lee-ann. I'm beginning to think I'm very lucky that I prefer white everything. I agree with everyone else. Alice has some great ideas. And I'm happy to hear that enough progress has been made that you're actually down to choosing color schemes. I know you'll be glad when this is all just a distant memory.

Sheila said...

I agree with Alice about testers.
Painting a metre square on a wall facing the window and on a window wall will show you how different the same colour can look in different light.
A bit of a pain to do, but better than doing a big project and then not liking it.
Hope you soon come up with something you like ..!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Oooh, I don't envy you !! When we bought this house (admittedly, 20 years ago) we had no idea, so went off-white walls, white ceilings and doors, and timber window frames and skirting boards. I liked the neutrality, and still do. The house is well and truly overdue for a repaint, which we are now thinking of, and will probably go very neutral again.
Hope you are able to make a decision ... whatever you decide, though, I am sure will look wonderful.
Take care, Meow

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee_Ann, If your going for coloured wall I think I would follow Alice advice.But then we were like Meow when we painted a few years back All semi gloss white wall and high gloss cornices, I have Orchid pink drapes and a Burgandy spread im my bedroom and on a sunny day it makes the walls look pastle pink..Take care, Looking forward to see your results..(((HUGS)))

the night owl said...

Hi Lee-ann, I am not a good person to pick out paint colors.After my husband had painted half of the living room, I hated the color and the poor man repainted the room for me and it looked better.They say to paint a small strip on the wall and look at it for a few days with the day light and night time shining on the walls.Good luck...I visited your sister's blog. Baba

Rowan said...

I could have written this post! Our whole house needs redecorating and part of the reason it isn't getting done is because I can't decide on colour schemes. The fudge brownie and a coiple of old cook books sound much more appealing than making decorating decisions:)

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Can I come for tea? :)
I understand sooooooooo well how hard it is to decide on colours! Hope you find the perfect ones.
I have a little cyber gift for you at the bottom of my last post :)


Alice said...

Hey, Lee-ann, where are you? Have you drowned in a paintcan or something? Perhaps you are enjoying yourself painting, or you've given up and left home altogether?

Hope you have a lovely week anyway.

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