Monday, August 13, 2007

Spring is in the air ((smiles))

Well I cannot believe that I have been so long in getting back to my blog and friends around the world. One day leads into another so quickly at the moment and each day is filled with so much to do.
I thank from the bottom of my heart all the advise on the painting and Alice I have been buying sample pots and putting bits here and there to see how they go, We are getting close but not painting yet. Rob has had some "real work" as he calls it and so until that has slowed a bit or a weekend arrives things around here have slowed down.............I am trying to be very positive and patient ((smiles))
It is so lovely just knowing spring is almost here but we still wake to find heavy frost but knowing it is a sun filled day is cheering to me.
Just want to now share some photos of our life and family events over the past two weeks
Frost on the side lawn this morning "yes! that is me sending you a big wave of Hello to my friends"

I can see a touch of spring in the garden before I know it all the daffodils will be smiling at me from every spot in this simple country garden.

Crisp white frost no wonder my toes are cold!! ((smiles))

This is our oldest grandson S, it was his birthday and he was a very big 7 years old.

We are very proud of you darling and we know you are going to have a very special year at school, Just last Friday Poppi and I got a special email from his class on computers and it read "I have a wobbly tooth" well that is wonderful that he can now send emails and write them himself and that he has a wiggly tooth ((smiles))

Nanni & Poppi love you SO! Much.

Birthday boy with poppi and nanni This precious grandson has asbergers and so each happy moment of his life is very special - we are proud to have this gentle soul as our very own grandson, doing so well in a lovely school and with many friends who adore him as his family do.

Do you ever have those days when you want to make everything from scratch ~ well yes I did and so I looked up several of my very old cook books, started up the gas stove, popped on an apron and set to work making first a Chocolate raisin tart with egg white topping.

We found it to be very delish! ((smiles))
If you would like the recipe here it is.
1 tablespoon cornflour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 cups milk
1 dessertspoon Cocoa
2 eggs
1 cup seeded raisins
short crust pastry.
Mix cornflour, sugar & cocoa together. Pour a little milk on cornflour to blend, and bring the remainder to boiling point. Stir in the cornflour mixture and cook 2-3 minutes. Cool, add beaten egg yolks, raisins & vanilla. Line a tart plate with short crust pastry, pour in filling and bake 20 minutes in a moderate oven. Beat egg whites till stiff, fold in a tablespoon of sugar. Pile on top of tart and brown in oven.
This came from a very old 1930's cook book brought out by Bushells who used to also make cocoa.

Then I made mini cream puffs with fresh whipped cream now they were nice too and not one was left on the plate at the function I took them to.

Well dear friends I am off to make a visit to your blog so get the kettle on I will have a black tea thanks with a good chat at your ktichen table.

This is my Monday - yippee! Almost spring!


Susie said...

Hi Lee Ann!
It's wonderful to see you posting again. Happy Birthday to your precious "S" That smile could melt any heart...
Your baked treats all look so delish :)
I was noticing a few leaves falling today, and you're waiting for daffodils. The joys of each part of the world...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Welcome back Lee-ann. Your little grandson is so cute. Our next door neighbour's youngest boy has Asperger's and he is doing so well. He's almost 18 and is at TAFE doing electronics. His parents are so proud of him.

Brrr...that frost gave me goosebumps just looking at it. Our frost days are past (not that we get much here) and the days are getting!

We have jonquils out and my rose bush has got lots of new growth on all is moving along nicely.

Take care.

Mountain Mama said...

Your frosty pictures made me shiver!
It's hard to imagine for we are now in one of the hottest months of the year, however I have noticed the mornings have a bit of a nip reminding me that autumn will soon be here.
My gravenstein apple tree is producing pretty well this year considering it's age and lack of pruning. Within a few weeks the apples should be ripe.
I am looking forward to an apple pie.
When I saw your cream puffs I nearly drooled! I bet they tasted as good as they looked too. I used to make them when I still had family at home. I filled them with a mixture of boiled custard and whipped cream and we all loved them. I've never tried the chocolate raisin tart. Hmmmmm, another idea.
My great grandson also has aspergers. Your little guy is just as cute as he can be, wobbly tooth and all. ((smile))

catsmum said...

Hi Lee Ann
Pleased to 'meet' you
amazing how we all follow each other around isn't it?
Met val 'in the flesh' on Saturday, and she delivered a CD from another blogger friend. Wasn't it cold this morning? Minus 2.9 last night and only 1 when I went out to milk the goat this morning. Brr. Came back in and did it a bit later!
anyway, as we share a love of chrissie stuff, you'll have to come visit Castlemaine in December - it takes me about a week to get all the trees up but you're welcome anytime after december 7th!!

Alice said...

Lee-ann, I daren't show Richard those cream puffs or he might just crawl through the computer to get some. I've not made any for years and years - cruel, aren't I?

You are having heavier frosts than us at the moment, but Spring is certainly just around the corner. Hopefully, there will be lots of rain, too.

Helen said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I will remember to contact you if I decide to get rid of the green cloth. I purchased that - wait for it - in a little op shop in Kyneton last year. I adore Kyneton, having lived there for 4 years and I attended Kyneton High. I wonder if it was you opshop I visited. I went with my cousin - whom I am sure you will know - Jan Willis and sat with her whilst she did her tour of duty. What a small world it is out there in blog land! We lived in Welsh Street, where the service station now is on the triangular corner. We were actually next door to what was the Watts home. I think it is next door to the bottle shop. I always wanted to buy the little bluestone cottage in Welsh St, which was only 2 or 3 doors up from my home. I can't convince my husband to move to Kyneton, but I think we have missed the boat now! I still visit regularly, and just love Annie Smither's bistro.
Cheers Kynetonite

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am glad you are back. You sure have one cute grandson there.
Love your photos.

Hope you are doing well.
Take care,

Miss Eagle said...

Lee-ann, thank you for dropping by my blogg and leaving such encouraging words. Your grandson is a charmer. There's no doubt. I am so glad spring is on its way. Blossoms have come on in the last day or two. Phew! Winter is almost over.

Blessings and bliss

Penless Thoughts said...

I must say the pictures of the frost on the ground looks appealing as we are sweltering in 100+ degree heaT!!!! Your goodies sure looked good. I am also in the midst of paint selection. I think I have finally decided :o) Our 8 year old grandson, Aric, is also Aspergers. They are absolutely sweethearts!!!!!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Grandchildren!! S is about the same age as our youngest and he is your oldest!! WOW!! our oldest is 18 can you imagine!! 18!! i can hardly!! It is almost Spring there and here we are having 100 degree temperatures!! Man!! it has been so HOT here!! Nice to see your blog!! Blessings, Sandy

PEA said...

Hello dear LeeAnn:-)

I so enjoyed reading your post, as always!! It won't be long before we start having some of that frost...some mornings are already cool, going down to 9 but the days go up in the high 20's still. I'm sure you're quite looking forward to Spring arriving:-)

Happy Birthday to your adorable grandson, what a cutie pie he is!! I'm so glad that you could spend his special day with him:-)

And look at that pie and cream puffs!! Now I've got a craving for them. I've never heard of chocolate raisin pie, must try that one day:-)

Take care dear friend! xoxo

The Thrifty Blogger said...

What a cute grandson you have! I have an adult 20 something friend who also has that syndrome and he is also so sweet.

Wow, those creme puffs and the pie both look delicious. How lucky your family is to have a great cook like you!

Brr, as I sit in an a/c'd room, looking at that frost, it reminds me what will soon be here too. Sigh. Probably another month and a half or so...Pumpkins, fall leaves, apple cider, mmmm. And heating bills! lol :)

Mandi said...

Hi Lee Ann...can't imagine suh frost in Oz don't remember it like that in Perth but then it has been 14 years sinc ewe left though have been back for a few trips...thanks for showing them ....Mandi

Rowan said...

What a lovely post all full of happy things:) Hope your grandson had a lovely birthday, he looks a lovely little boy. Will the tooth fairy be visiting once the wobbly tooth comes out?
It always gives me a surprise to read about frost and snow in Australia, in my mind it is the land of eternal warmth and sunshine.

Val said...

Those two desserts look very similar to ones I've made from an old American cookbook. Very yummy, I think I'll make the pie this week, thanks to your reminder.

It was frosty early on the weekend on our block near Castlemaine, but there is the unmistakable feel of spring in the air. Looking forward to that but enjoying the sunny winter days too.

The Thrifty Blogger said...

Ok here is a couple, but you might already know about these? Being on the other side of the world, I can't vouch for them, (lol), but they are reputable companies. :)

Yellow book

Entertainment book

leslie said...

Wow, Lee Ann, what lovely photos! But that frost - you're looking forward to it going away and I'm NOT looking forward to it arriving! Hah! Those desserts look like to die for...oooh how I'd love to have one of each, but dare not! I just love coming by to visit you here. :D

Gina E. said...

Hi LeeAnn, good to see another post here from you! I was wondering what you guys were up to. I thought that might be Liz on the Collectors this Friday. I was watching it last week, and when they mentioned green glass I twigged straight away who it might be. Gee she gets around, doesn't she! I wish I had her contacts; I'd be showing my linen collection a whole lot more!

AnnieElf said...

I can't wait for the frost to re-appear in my part of the world. We don't get snow but frost aplenty and it's so pretty.

The tart looks luscious. Maybe I'll try this if I ever have a working oven again (eyes rolling and don't ask - grrrr) Perfect for a cold morning.

Kelli said...

Frost?! I sure would love some of that right now...LOL

Happy Birthday to your grandsom. Your baked treats look amazing..YUM! I love cream puffs!

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