Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday show & Tell

Show & Tell Friday sounds like a lot of fun!
So! I have found a little piece to show you all that I am very fond of.
It is a lamp~a very old lamp and the memories that this lamp brings back of a wonderful summer job Rob and I had a few years back the memories are worth a smile every time we look at this lamp.

Rob was a construction manager on a huge job down at the beach "Barwon heads" for several months and seeing as we were "empty nesters" we decided to rent a holiday house down there and stay. Gosh that was fun!

Well the work was long hours and very hard for Rob, but enjoyable at the same time the summer lifestyle the walks on the beach each night and visits to new found friends or even a walk around the tea tree filled streets was wonderful, not to mention the surf, seafood and sunsets! Sunday morning we headed out on a walk and as we passed a gate it was opened for a garage sale (yard sale) and I had never been to one before this so in we went. there in a box was this lamp no shade no chimney and very dirty but seeing as I have a love of anything American I just had to have this old Miller brass looking lamp.

The moment I picked it up and put it in my arms like a baby it was snatched out of my arms by a man telling me he saw it first! well I am a tough! lady believe me ((smiles)) You do not work on a building site, THE ONLY LADY almost all your days and not get tough!! So of course I snatched it back and he got the shock of his life and went out the gate saying something abusive.

This lamp was ours for a large sum of $3.00 and a big smile and a lovely story about the lamp coming from USA with her family a long time ago.........I was so happy.

Then for many months it sat in the shed waiting! and waiting until I decided it would be a great birthday gift for my husband all done up and so I took it to a specialist and the results Are as you see it now..............beautiful, and a reminder of the days we had at the beach.

Kelli at "there is no place like home" is the host of this great Friday Show & tell and I hope that it is on each week if not sorry Kelli for the error and if it is then thank you so much for letting me do a show and tell with you.

This is my Friday................amongst friends


Susie said...

It's beautiful LeeAnn. I'm sure you have such happy memories of those times at the beach each time you look at it :)

Penless Thoughts said...

Very lovely lamp and with a neat story to go with it.

Val said...

Wow! What a great story! I would have loved to have seen that man's face. Heh heh!

I can imagine that that time spent living near Barwon Heads would have been idyllic.

About 7.30 tonight I'll be sending good vibes out to you, Lee-Ann, as we drive by your place. We're staying in town this weekend, too cold for the shed!

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a lovely lamp. I reckon if you rubbed it hard enough a lucky genie might pop out. It just looks like one of those magic lamps.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely story with your beautiful lamp.

My show and tell is up.

Rowan said...

A great $3 worth - it looks wonderful now it's restored. Great memories too.

Mountain Mama said...

What a special treasure. I like garage sales but don't often go to them anymore. I used to find some wonderful things.
Your Husband must have been delighted with his gift.

Barb said...

I'm glad you grabbed that lamp back from that nasty man. Hmmmph! It's a lovely lamp.

And just reading about your reno project makes me hold my breath. I don't know how you can stand it. My word, what a mess!

I truly cannot wait to see the "after" photos of THIS project. LOL

Alice said...

Such a beautiful lamp, made more so by the great memories it brings to mind.

That man obviously had never seen women at a department store sale (neither have I for that matter, never have been to one), but I imagine your determination was as great as theirs for a bargain.

AnnieElf said...

Cute lamp and great story. I love the way treasures find their way around the world and become treasured by someone else.

~ Janice ~ said...

What a wonderful sweet story about your lamp! I love it! :o)

Gina E. said...

I can just imagine you standing your ground against the other person who wanted the lamp! Well done - it was certainly worth the verbal tussle!

Meow (aka Connie) said...

What a great lamp. I can imagine the look on that man's face when you stood your ground and took back the lamp ... hahahaha ... it would have been a sight to behold.
Well done.
Take care, and have a great week ... Meow

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-ann, What a wonderful find .
love the story behind the lamp. love to have seen the look on that Mans face. HAHAHAHA

Peggy said...

love the lamp but love the image of you fighting for it even better!

Isabelle said...

Don't envy you those renovations but I'm sure you'll win smiling through! (Actually, even calling it "renovations" rather than something less radical is a sign of your sunny nature. I think I might be thinking in terms of "rebuilding". But I'm sure it'll be lovely when it's finished.

Sandy said...

That is so beautiful. My uncle used to rebrass old lamps like these. I have two that he did. He charged $50 to do ones for people and that was over twenty years ago.

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