Thursday, July 26, 2007

My week "thus far!"

Yes a very busy few days but made all the better for fine weather and a light at the end of the tunnel (kinda) when it comes to the renovation of "this old house". and the wonderful moments had with family who are a very special part of our lives.
Last Saturday my very dear mother in law had a birthday she was 87 years old and we could not all get down there but our daughter Andrea took her two and Rob and I went and we had a lovely time in the back garden. Great Nanna's now powered scooter was a very popular thing to play on. The sun was out for a lovely day's visit.

This is great nanna and her grand daughter and two great grandchildren.

I'll help you blow out the candles great nanna was the comment made before he did his very best to help.

There is nothing more special in a little boys day visiting his great grandmothers house then to "pinch" a few oranges right off the tree out back.

Four generations of a family that is filled with much love and happiness we are truly blessed. One day I will tell you this lovely great grandmothers story about her life and the path that has lead her to this very moment on this very day.

"Happy 87th birthday" dear mum, you are very special to us all

On the way home to our daughters house we simply could not go past the boats, this little man our grandson loves them very much so here is poppi and his mummy and sister sitting on the side of the mordiallic creek watching the boats come home for the night.

That was a very special day.

Then another special day. Monday

This is Mr Jess.

And Monday it was off to visit another two of our grandchildren and here we are in the park for a winter rush around and a game or two. they had nanni try out the swings and the monkey bars, also a game of chase and cricket. we were all very tired and our cheeks glowed red from rushing about in the cold but it was such a lot of fun.

Higher nanni! higher! miss Floss wanted to show me just how high she could go then it was my turn and she laughed because nanni was not game to go as high as she did.

Our home is slowly turning back into a house again and I no longer have to sleep in a room filled with most of the next two rooms as well lol lol lol! it is by no way of the imagination finished but the front veranda has been put back on and when the tin roof is up then we can get to painting this part and I will put a nice comfortable chair out there and then sit awhile with a cup of tea and watch the world pass me by just for a moment or two.

And today sadly this is the price we pay for progress, up the road they have taken down a pine and two old elm trees so the new road to the new freeway can turn the corner and while I am pleased about the new freeway diverting the traffic away from our small town loosing the trees that have been there for many years and in fact the two elms were planted in remembrance of two soldiers who never came back from the 1st world war it is a sad day to see them come down. You can see the two elms just before it was their turn to tumble to the ground.

some colour from my garden today.

On a happier note my husband comes in lst night and said "well honey! you had better start to choose the colours for the rooms we are almost finished in" what! I said when do you have to know and he tells me O! heaps of time, tomorrow would be good. So I have been looking at all the colours around me to try and find the walls, the dado, the skirting colours I rushed out and got some sample pots and I have discovered it is very hard to choose colours so rushed and so he is going to have to wait~I simply cannot decide! sorry hubby!

This is my week thus far O! along with cooking for 35 men, working two days and feeding a man and his apprentices, washing the laundry, packing my eBay sales, ironing, feeding the dog and talking to family on the phone..................I think I am a bit tired but then again I am a woman!((smiles))

to all my dear friends on this Thursday - Happy blogging to you all.


Alice said...

What a busy week you're having, but of course you can cope - as you said, you are a woman.

Glad the house is starting to resemble a house again; it was always a home whilst you were in it.

Choosing paint can be so exciting and frustrating at the same time. A few years ago when I repainted the kitchen and family room I thought it would be apricot and white, but guess what, it's actually green, white and purple.

Loved the photos of your mother-in-law. Would you mind if I copied and emailed them to my cousin in Canberra, the one who knew her? I'm sure he'd be pleased to see them.

Glad you've shared in the lovely sunny weather, although it looks like it may be a bit damper tomorrow. Still, more rain is needed.

Have a great weekend, Lee-ann.

Connie said...

What wonderful pictures...thanks so much for sharing. Happy Birthday to your mother-in-law. She looks lovely. All the best to her.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I have missed hearing from you so it is nice to see that you are still among the living..tee hee.
I see that your mother in law had a BIG birthday. My dad will be turning 89 on the 7th of August which will be very soon!! We are planning a big party for him next year. He lives in Illinois so we here in Georgia will have to travel about 1000 miles to get back there for the celebration. What a long time these two have lived. How wonderful for them and for us.
You have beautiful flowers starting to pop up. Does that mean Spring is coming to your area?
I am working on having a garage sale. Do you have them there in Australia or do you even know what one is?
Well take care and glad to see and hear from you again.

Susie said...

You are so busy my dear friend. Happy Birthday to your very spry looking mother in law!!
I can tell you had such fun with the dear little grands...
I have such a dilemma picking colors. I could never do it in just a day.
Can't wait to see all the end results of your re-do!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Thanks for sharing all this with us. Your MIL looks great at 87. Is she in good health?

Rowan said...

Happy Birthday to great grandma - she seems to be carrying her years very lightly. Glad thin gs are progressing with the renovation - light at the end of the tunnel:) So sad about the elm trees especially with their special associations.

Val said...

Alice's cousin knows your MIL?? What a small world!

That's a shame about losing those trees, to say nothing of the ones leading into Chewton and Castlemaine.

We'll still be getting off the highway at Malmsbury, even when the new section of the freeway is finished, as we take the back road to Vaughan. And of course we have to stop at the bakery for our ritual steak and kidney pies for lunch. We'll be looking for you sitting on your veranda as we pass by!

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-ann, Very happy birthday to your Mother in law.
My you have been a busy lady,And your house Renovation nearly finished,take your time choosing your colour scheme. Your house looks like mine, only we had bigger windows fitted Through out during our Reno. and used white paint through out as we found your furnishing reflect different colours in each room. Take care keep smiling.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a lovely time you've had with your family. The photos are just beautiful.

You'll be pleased when the house is finally finished! It's good that you have come to the picking out of colours phase of the reno. Things are getting there.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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