Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fathers Day ~ Remembering & honouring our "Dad's"

Today is Sunday 2nd of September
Here in Australia it is "Fathers Day"
So here are some photos to honour the Fathers in our family.

My darling Husband Rob happy fathers day honey!
Here he is with his mother and one of our daughters and her children

Poppi"s birthday party with some of his nine grandchildren

Our youngest son and his son "Happy fathers day" to you Son

Our oldest son and his two darling sons playing funny faces! "Happy fathers day" Son

Our youngest daughter and her dear Husband and his two (almost three) darling children "Happy fathers day" son-in-law
Our oldest daughter and her dear Husband and he is the father to two of our dear grandchildren "Happy fathers day" son-in-law
This old photo is one of very few my husband has of his Dad The man with the happy smile in the middle. My husband is the boy in black. Rob lost his dad to cancer when Rob was just 18 years old and from that moment on has been there to care for his mum.
Happy fathers day to a dad in law I never knew but who I love very much for bringing such a gentle loving man into the husband.

This photo is very special to me as it was the very last time my dear father came to visit with us and we went on a little holiday up to his favourite place the Dandenong Ranges.

Dad died of cancer a few years ago now and I miss him every day and love him ever so much.

So dad "Happy fathers day" to you, you are always in my heart.

And last but definitely not least this is my grandfather my children's great grandpa and my grandchildren great, great grandpa. He passed away at 102 years of age just a couple of years ago and my gosh did he have an adventure every moment of those 102 years.

Here he is with his daughter (my mum) on his 100th birthday. "Happy fathers day" old pop! I know you still walk the hills at Basket range in the Adelaide hills and care for all who pass that way.

There are many more in our family who I honour today, my brother in laws, their sons and my two brothers and their families, many uncles and cousins both here and in Scotland and those who have gone now and those who have yet to pass this way.

Our family is big but you know it is a good thing our Hearts are too.

So "happy Fathers day" to all

This is my Sunday ~ Blessings to All.


Penless Thoughts said...

What a lovely tribute to the father's in your life.

Val said...

Hi Lee-ann, I too never got to know my father in law - he died of cancer when my husband was about 19. It's good to remember them even when we haven't known them personally. Thanks for the reminder.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann,, I didnt know a dad I was 4 when my dad died, and always called fatherinlaw by his name as I worked with him for a few years and just found it hard to call someone dad. after the kids were born it was pop as he wanted to be called .
happy fathers day to all the dads in your life

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hi Lee-ann..You have a big family but how special that is for you!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. Your grandfather lived a long long life...How precious!! We are fine here in the USA!! Having tons of rain!! Wish you had some. Sandy

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day! It's strange to see that title over here - for us, it isn't until June. Gotta love those guys.
I wanted to say thanks for stopping by the other day, I'm just getting back to leave my comments...
I LOVE your show and tell! I have a "thing" for dishes, so you won my heart with your big sideboard! :) Lovely, lovely things. I thought of one of my favorite movies, The Quiet Man...
"I want my things aboot me!" (said in thick Irish brogue!) Having our "things about us" helps make a house a home, I think. The memories linger in them.
Thanks for sharing,

leslie said...

Our Father's Day is in June so I was quite surprised to pop over and see you're celebrating now. You are a very lucky lady to have so many "fathers" in your life. I'd like to send them a very special Canadian Happy Father's Day - please pass it on to them for me.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a beautiful tribute to fathers and especially all the fathers in your family Lee-ann.

Gina E. said...

What a beautiful Father's Day tribute you have done, my dear friend. I hope Sunday was a gorgeous day for you two? Ken and I discussed joining you in Kyneton to see the daffodils, as it has been years since we've seen them in full bloom like that. But we left it a bit late to go anywhere, and I was pretty tired all day...wonder why?
I enjoyed the other posts here too - with all your goodies! I'm about to do a post about Saturday night, and hope you will do one too - I want to see your pix!!
Hugs xoxoxoxo

PEA said...

I keep forgetting that you celebrate Father's Day at a different time than us...Happy Father's Day to your hubby!! Such a wonderful tribute to the men in your life:-) xoxo

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