Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Saturday night at the Wilsons! part 2 (part 1 on Gina's blog) :)

Well here it is already Tuesday and I am heading out to work but I had to pop! this post on as my dear friend Gina from Patra's other place has part one of this subject on her blog so I want to just add a little here about a wonderful evening with these dear friends, Gina & Ken.

Ken cooked a lovely barbecue on his very new barbecue I am still amazed that it came in a flat box and he had to put the whole thing together - well done Ken it is so nice, now talking about nice the meat was cooked just how we like it and sitting out there in your lovely Australian natives garden was terrific. Our garden is more cottage but I love the Natives that Gina & Ken have in theirs and it always feels so right wrapped around their home under tall beautiful trees.

Anyway as Gina said I took the dessert but not before the drama of the shopping center did we get there.

Yes! I said to my husband (it takes about an hour and half to get to their home) we can get the strawberries and cream on the way so we get almost there and I panicked "the strawberries!!" so he takes me into a huge shopping center and we hunted for awhile to find a park then we walked around and around to find the supermarket after asking two people we got there then there was only three punnets of strawberries to choose from...............O! well I said next time I'll bring everything from my home town.

When we finally found our car again we got lost driving around and around to try and get out of the underground park............just then Gina rang were are you?? O! just lost in the car park I tell her as Rob said there it is.............and so we escaped that place never to return I can tell you!!!

We arrived to Ken's and Gina's and could smell the lovely barbecue cooking away yum! were we hungry after there shopping centre adventure.

The barbecue Ken did not want to cook in front of friends was wonderful and it was all the better for sitting with friends and chatting away while we ate.

Remember Gina you turn that $2.00 into $2000.00

and we will be around for another barbecue - cooked by a great cook Ken lol lol lol! (anytime)

We have a very popular cupcake shop in Kyneton now and this dessert cake fresh from there do any of you remember the roses cup cakes well these are from the same lady. They were wonderful and I think we all enjoyed them very much.

Dessert was delish!!! and you know that lovely tablecloth Gina had on her table well we got to eat right there! beautiful!

Gina's embroidery I found for her and many more stunning ones we looked at on the night "O! so Wonderful" her collection is.

Now who is this fella!! Yes it is Topsy! my gosh and I got a photo to prove that cute but very anti social family member of Ginas and Kens is there.......love the eyes

Now this looks like Gina was trying to tell me something but not at all we all had a fantastic time and we were just laughing here at the time, well we then had coffee and so never left until just after three and got home at just after four lol lol!

Thank you both for the music the laughter and the meal but most of all for your dear friendship we may not see each other often but that is what friends ship is all about.

This is my Tuesday...........Linking to my hearts content thanks to you dear friend!! :)


PEA said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful day with great friends:-) That dessert certainly looks delish as well...tell Ken that next time we want a picture of him cooking on his new bbq! lol xox

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Well it looks like fun was had by all! That dessert looks sooo yummy! Thank-you so much for stopping by to visit me and of course I don't mind you putting me on your faves! I have enjoyed my visit here! cherry

Mandi said...

what a great dresser truly divine... I adore depression glass too and started a small collection when I lived in Oz about 25 years ago...in fact we both have a couple of the same pieces...thanks foe sharing and I hope tour mums birthday Day was a nice one...

Val said...

Yeah, shopping centres are really off-putting. I've always preferred to go to supermarkets that are on their own and not part of a mall. As for underground car parks - shudder!

Glad you had a good time at Gina's - how could you not - and I see she gave you the "embroidered tablecloth treatment" too!

Hootin'Anni said...

Wow...what an adventure...and getting lost in the underground parking? Ya, I can understand that. The dessert looks scrumptious. And the birthday dedication to your mother yesterday was super.

Thanks for the visit.

Jeanette said...

nmbleyHi Lee_ann. A lovely friendship formed by blogging. . very happy belated birthday wishes to your Mother.
Looks like you all had a lot of fun chatting the night away . How time fly's when your having fun,And your dessert looks so delish.Sending Hugs your way..

Gina E. said...

Chuckling at this end, Lee-ann! Love the photos, and the write-up! I see you have remembered how to link, lol! All those linens were soaked, line-dried and ironed by Monday night - just in time to take them to the Guild today and after that, to Ken's Mum. Everybody drooled over them - couldn't believe it was all from op-shops!
BTW, the $2 turned into nothing (I got two $1 scratchies...zilch)

Janet said...

Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day spent with friends. Could you pass me some of that dessert? It looks yummy!

Connie said...

By the looks of things you had a wonderful time. Wish I could have tasted those desserts...yummy.

Take care,

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

oooh! grilled food,embroidery,a cat in a basket,good friends and laughter! Could there BE a better combination? I had a totally silly dream the other night about a visit to Brisbayne (?)Australia. I dreamed I ordered a salad and was told that there was no head lettuce in Australia because it wouldn't grow there. So I smuggled a couple heads of lettuce in my luggage the next time I went for a visit. So I must ask you...is there lettuce in Australia? tee hee!

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