Thursday, February 07, 2008


YES the very first time you learn't something new.
Well our first grand daughter Miss F started ballet yesterday and nanni was lucky enough to be there to share the moment with her mummy.
It is Miss F's birthday next week what fun it is to be young learning new things every day.
Now before we headed out to the lessons there were things that needed to be done

Hair ready for the big "first ballet lesson" (YES! they are fresh roses from her mummy's garden)

Energy levels up! after this photo was taken by nanni it was a polite "nanni stop taking photos and please let me eat!" O! ok! miss F.

Let the class begin - I had to sneek! this photo as we (mothers, grandmothers etc.) only get to watch through a window.

HOW GOOD WAS THAT! we were all so proud and what was even better Miss F was so proud of herself too................Now lets get home and tell daddy and big brother ALL about it.!

o! one more thing......on the way home I asked her what her teacher said to her at the end of the lesson? miss F told me it was a ballet secrets O! I SAID bet I can make you tell me (naughty nanni!) but with a very important look on her face she said "no nanni I won't tell because I zipped my lips and locked them too and I have the key in my pocket!" you know for the time I was there last night she wouldn't tell! (smiles)

O! how I love being a grandmother

this is my day!



Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhh my gosh!!! Oh MY GOSH!!! That is sooooo cute! I LOVE that photo through the blinds! Just too precious! WOW! What a precious angel! Awwwwww Nanni... you must just be EXPLODING with pride!

Melli said...

Hi Lee-ann! I'm baaaa-aaack! LOL! I just wanted to pop over and let you know that I have deleted the comments under the post that you commented in this morning -- that post was just an announcement, and not really meant to be commented to... *shrug* --- BUT... since you have ASKED so nicely about where I live, I WILL put together a post in the near future on that subject, and I will make sure you know when it goes up! Thanks for coming by!

Alice said...

Light and fair with roses in her hair. If any little girl deserved to be a princess, it is little Miss F. I think one flutter of her long eye lashes and she'll have everyone lined up to do her bidding...except her big brother. Brothers have a way of keeping their sisters walking on the ground.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann. Beautiful photo's taken "by a very proud Nanny" of your darling little Grandaughter ready for her first ballet lesson with a rose in her hair.

Carrie said...

What a sweet girl. No wonder you're such a proud grandmother.

leslie said...

What fun, Lee Ann, to be able to take part in her first ballet day! I remember when my little girls took ballet and it was so much fun to watch them skip around. Now with a granddaughter on the way, "maybe" I'll get to see her do ballet, too. Miss F is a cutie pie.

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