Monday, February 04, 2008


Yes three grandson's at school now.
Summer holidays are over and as you know my husband and I have 9 darling grandchildren.
Well last year two went to school for the very first time, they both excelled at school, made lots of friends and looked forward to the new year starting this week.

Now we have added another darling grandson to that list our third oldest and a little brother to one of the big boys from last year has started school. He is already settled into his classroom and has made friends.

The big brother on the left and the new schoolie!! little brother with the big grin on his very first day at school - yes looking at this photo I cannot believe they both now go to school and little brother you look like you are going to enjoy every moment of your school years.

Of course big brother had lots of advise to give his brother before they walked through the front gates of the school.
Nanni & poppi love you both and are so proud of you.

Yes little brother at his desk eager to learn all he could, You know his career path he has already mapped out he wants to be a rock star! he may just do it you know.

And this big grandson is the second oldest in our big family, he also went to school last year, he is the big brother now to two little sisters.
Not in his uniform but the next day after this photo was taken he was eager to rush out the door to go back to school and catch up on all the christmas holdiays adventures with his school mates.
Have a lovely year at school darling number three grandson.
Nanni & Poppi love you and are so proud of you.
They grow up so fast as we grow old so fast so every moment is a gift.
My Husband gave me a little poem I have on my office wall that I would like to share.
That is how we feel about our every day.
This is My Monday evening - waiting for my man to get home from work!!


miss*R said...

I have two grandsons (and another due in 6 weeks!) and my eldest is back to school too... I take him 3 days a week and we have the best time on the way to school.. his brother goes next year to 'big school' - *sigh* time goes so fast...

Rosa said...

Congrats! Oh you can tell the proud newby! How exciting.

Susie said...

They are such beautiful children and one can tell they're cheerful as well :)
It's wonderful that they are eager for school and ready to learn.
Love the poem you hubby gave you. Wise words for us all.

Alice said...

What little sweeties they are. Oops, I shouldn't say little, I'm sure. They are all big kids now!

Mountain Mama said...

Your grandsons are just darling. I remember how much my children looked forward to school, and especially to ride the school bus. They felt so grown up. I love the pictures of your little 'Rock-Star' That big smile and new teeth too.
What a cutie.

PEA said...

Hello dear LeeAnn,

Finally catching up on all your news! I so enjoyed reading your posts and looking at all the wonderful pictures! Your grandsons are so darling and I can well imagine how excited they are to be going to school...hopefully they'll always have that willingness to learn! lol I have a friend who has an 11 year old son and he has been giving them a hard time, he doesn't like going to school at all anymore!! Prayers that your brother's hand heals properly, what an awful accident to happen. Take care my friend and know that I think of you often. xoxo

Anonymous said...

What gorgeous smiling faces! I had my youngest in tears this morning.... he seems to think everyone in his class is agaist him... big sigh! The worries of the world jsut do not compare with those of a child.
Thankyou for sharing your joy!

leslie said...

What a darling post Lee-Ann! My grandson was over for the weekend and he wore me out! Those cute little faces are so sweet and it's wonderful to see the world through their little eyes again. I remember the thrill both my girls experienced on their first days at school and here we are only another year before the first grandchild heads out. Time moves too fast.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

It's great when they start school, but also sad, as it means they are growing up too quickly.
Take care, Meow

Joyce said...

Those are some sweet little "pumpkins!" We haven't any Grandchildren, I can't imagine how that will work one day. I just want my kids to grow up and get married FIRST! HA~!
Then when those little things come.....I'm going to soooo squeeeeze them. HA!
Be blessed!

AnnieElf said...

I just love the pix of the boys. Reminds me so of when mine were that young and I was able to take similar pictures.

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