Friday, October 24, 2008

A little trip down the lane of memories.
As many of you know we are gran parents to 9 lovely little ones and so that means such a lot of photos to keep and to hold in our hearts as they all grow older and the bond between us changes and becomes stronger as each year passes.
Grandson J
I have been sorting some of those photos and wanted to share a few today of one of the little boys who now has almost finished grade one at school and we, his grand parents nanni and poppi could not be more proud of this little man.
This is just a few of our photos of our lovely grandson J.
I will share some other photos of EACH of the other eight during the weeks leading up to Christmas.
The mysteries of the ocean shared with nanni & J on a hot summers day.
Learning to write on his chalk board with nanni.

A visit to the Christmas cave. (eyes wide open)

Bringing cows home on a winters day. (his first look at real cows)

Always a cute smile for nanni's constant "look at the camera darling"

THEN.........His first sister arrives into the world and it was love at first sight for little J

The first missing tooth!! (how we found it in the pool I will never know but we did!!)

Love that big smile that We always get when we visit.

Darling Grandson a photo taken before his very first day at school.

Like all nanni's around the world the place in my heart is huge for all of our nine.

This is our second grandchild and just a tiny trip down memory lane. I am proud to say he is our's!!
grandson J

May this Friday be filled with both New! & Old! memories for you all as it is for me!!


Penless Thoughts said...


Annie said...

Nine grandchildren! What treasure you have, Lee-Ann.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful grandies Lee-Ann, and beautiful photos. They do grow so quick!

xox Nicole

Peggy said...

so sweet! grands are our reward for raising children. LOL I love spoiling and spending time with mine too!

Hootin' Anni said...

Such adorable photos of very sweet looking children!! Wonderful to share, thanks!!! I can't help but smile.

And even tho you're having spring, get in the 'swing' and celebrate with me...
I'm back...I left you a Halloween Treat for you on my Saturday blog issue...come on over!!!

Happy weekend to you.

PEA said...

He is just a darling and I love his hair:-) As you know, I'm expecting my first grandbaby to arrive any day now...I jump every time the phone rings! lol I'm so looking forward to having a grandchild to love and do things with, my heart will be bursting with joy the day she is born:-) xoxo

Susie said...

What a precious boy! I love how he faces the camera right on with that beautiful smile and gorgeous hair!

the voice of melody said...

He's very handsome! What a cutie pie, and I enjoyed seeing all of the pictures. That's amazing that you found his missing tooth in the pool!

My little guy is also in 1st grade. They grow up so fast, don't they?

Many sweet blessings!

Mountain Mama said...

What a precious child! I sure understand how you feel because I feel the same about all of my grandchildren and great grandchildren too.
Being a grandma is so much easier than when I became a mother. I'm more relaxed and seem to enjoy them more.

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