Sunday, October 26, 2008

Memories in no particular order loving them all!

This is darling grandson number 5
This is the second of my treasured memories.
and this darling is our grandson C

Darling C "the fisherman" He just loves the water and anything to do with it.

How proud we were when you came into the world and how proud we are now having you darling C in our family.
In your poppi's arms that hold you with such love always.

Swimming lessons have started for C this year, and we just know this little man will enjoy every moment of splashing around in the water.

As he grows up his love for the fun of doing things just that little bit different shows and I am sure he will amaze his Nanni & poppi with just what he will achieve in his life.

last years summer fun.

Poppi he loves so much "how much" This much!!!

You can tell I am always the one taking the photos but that is so ok! because he is so like poppi in such similar ways..............both like doing things different to the rest, and at top speed!!

We are truly blessed to have you our darling number 5 grand child in our family.

This is my Sunday! blessed once again and always!

To all my lovely blogger friends, I am sorry but I have changed the way I get comments now.

I have had two very strange comments made on my last post and to tell you the truth I could not get into the profiles of both.

After all this time on blog to see rubbish comments like that was upsetting, so please understand YOUR comments MY FRIENDS COMMENTS I look forward to very much and love getting them so will be posting them as soon as I get them.

Thank you for understanding


Penless Thoughts said...

Cute photos of a very cute grandson. I love the one wit the sunglasses :o)

Flip Flop Floozie said... have lovely grandchildren!! Just like mine beautiful..Yours are a lot younger than mine but we sure started early!! smile.
You should get your flu shot. I will get mine again this next year..It is just that they put two injections in one arm and that is where the problem came from. I am a lot better today but the pain is still horrible!! I have had 3 days of pain. Never have I had a flu shot hurt before!! I think this pneumonia shot is my problem now..I would get my flu shot. It really helps...Sandy

Melli said...

What a little cherub! He's adorable! Each one is a unique individual - and such a BLESSING to us Grandmas! (and Poppis)

And YOUR "Poppi" is a very handsome man Lee Ann! I don't believe I have seen him before! He looks a charmer!

So sorry about those nasty comments... some people just can't be nice!

Kahshe Cottager said...

Grandchildren are so special aren't they? Pear Tree Cottage must be full of love and mischief when they are all there!

Susie said...

Hi Lee Ann,
Another cutie :) I love his happy little grin! You can tell that he and his Poppi share such a special bond. Grandchildren are certainly one of God's greatest blessings.
Have a great week my dear friend
PS So sorry about your comment situation..Do what you must to feel comfortable here in blogland!

Annie said...

Sweet pictures, so full of life. The little ones really keep you going don't they?

Moderation is a good idea, Lee-Ann. I started moderating after about six months. We can't control the junk in the world but we can do what we are able to do by controlling what comes into ours.


Tammy said...

Your grandkids are adorable. Being a gramy of four boys I know your joy.

You were with us as we walked and we even chatted about you during the walk.


Bo said...

Hi Lee-Ann...I loved reading about your darling grandson...he is a cutie! If he continues to love water he might grow up to be the next Michael Phelps (Olympian with 8 gold medals) ;-) Bo

Rinkly Rimes said...

I, too, have photos of my grandchildren on my PLUS blog (reached through Rinkly Rimes) and I often write poetry about them.

Yours look lovely. Nearly as nice as mine!

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