Friday, May 29, 2009

150th Birthday success!!!!

It took two years to plan and two weeks to recover! (smiles)
But it was everything We wanted it to be and more.

Many ladies of the lodge including myself dressed up for the day to represent those who had walked this same path as we now do, all those 150 years ago.

The men always look lovely in their dinner suits (gosh I could tell you a story or two about these old and young blokes!)


Who turned 150 years old this year you say!!

Zetland Masonic Lodge no.25
in Kyneton Central Victoria.

Grand lodge came and re-enacted the consecration ceremony of the lodge and then we all witnessed the placing of a corner stone in the north east corner of our building noting the importance of this special day.

The history is fascinating!

The building is a gem!

"But it is the people who walk its floors that makes it a treasure to behold"

Margo and me gosh her outfit was lovely suited her purfectly.

The ladies and men of the lodge dressed in re-enactment outfits Gave the whole day an air of caring for the past while taking a big step into the future.

With many lodges closing due to lack of interest from both the men and woman or their building not being upgraded to head towards a new era in freemasonry, this lodge finds its strength in not only the men and their work in the lodge room but in the ladies comfort and contribution to making the south not just a house but "A Home" and if a man feels that his wife is not left home each month to sit alone while he visits his lodge, but that we can come too and visit with other ladies and enjoy an evening of friendship there is harmony in knowing that both the wife and husband will enjoy each month when the doors of the lodge are opened.

So with this in mind the Ladies and the men of this Zetland masonic lodge equally looked forward to the efforts they had put in over the many months for this day, sharing with many visitors and friends of the lodge "our home"

Me and two lovely members of our team!

The day started with a morning tea and lunch for members and friends of the lodge in a marquee out the back of our lodge.With plenty of room for grand lodge to enjoy a quiet moment before a busy days ahead. However they decided to dress in another building further down and we did not have an opportunity to entertain the grand lodge ladies at this time. But it was ok! because we had a lovely luncheon and many laughs.

This was followed buy the re-enactment and and then placing of the corner stone. pre-dinner drinks again were held in the marquee and so much champagne was consumed it was a wonderful start to a lovely evening.

One of our members Gordon has a beautiful and very successful winery and so we enjoyed his lovely wine during the night. Knights Winery will always be Gordon's and Heathers legacy to this area long after they have gone. Knights winery.

I must now take this moment to mention that our next big event at the lodge is the "high tea" a charity event and this year will be bigger then last years I am sure. last year the theme was "cup cake heaven"

This year it is "Victorian Rose" and is setting out to be a lot of fun!

I will put up some more photos of our wonderful 150th as I get them but you know I never took not one photo and thank goodness everyone else took hundreds to share.

This is my Winter! Thursday!! Hello to all dear blogger friends.


Daisy said...

It all looks like so much fun, Lee-Ann. I loved seeing the costumes of the day. Very interesting! I'm glad to hear it went so well for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Lee Ann - I've been anxious to know how the celebration went. You look lovely in your period dress. It all looks like such fun. Thank you for the update and the pictures.

Jess said...

Loved it...looks like so much fun!

Have a great weeks end

Love, jess

Linda said...

It looks like it was a wonderful success. It must have been such fun to get all dressed up in those lovely dresses.

Mrs. Mac said...

Wow, such grand dresses! You must have enjoyed the day immensely!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wow, where did you get those lovely costumes, Lee-ann? They're beautiful.

I like the tenet your lodge has for allowing men and women to attend meetings...that's the reason behind its success and longevity. Well done.

Good to see you back.

Gina E. said...

Congratulations, Zetland Lodge!
I know you two have been working on this project for ages, so I am happy to hear that it all went well. I'm looking forward to catching up with you at the High Tea. Helen will be coming with me again, all going well, and Bridget said she wanted to, last time I spoke to her. Can't vouch for the others though. Haven't seen Connie since Xmas, and Val is doing the drive around Australia thing with her hubby.
Did you get my surprise cupcake?

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-ann. So pleased your 150th celebrations went of well. and loved your period costumes,.Isnt it fun to dress up. we played dress up at Swan Hill pioneer settlement on our way home from SA.I just remembered as I read your post that you are in Kyneton, Sorry to say we passed through Kyneton on the hwy. If we travel your way again I will get in touch and have a cuppa. Jen

Merle said...

Dear Lee~ann ~~ What great photos of
the 150th anniversary of your Lodge.
You looked lovely and so did the other ladies and the men too.

Thanks for your comments and I am glad you get a smile here occasionally. Take care, Love, Merle.

Kahshe Cottager said...

What a lovely day it must have been. You looked wonderful in your outfit!!! Wherever did you find all of them? I hope lots of photos were taken to inspire future generations!

Thanks for your visit .. even though I have closed blog in a cyber bottle, I am still posting on occasion at Views From My Camera . I hope you continue to drop in.

Lanny said...

What a wonderful event! Thank you so much for sharing and I look forward to seeing more photos. How was it wearing those dresses?

Christy said...

Your High Tea Parties look so beautiful, I just want to be there with you. The costumes are delightful. what a fun day.

Thank you for the lovely comment you left.


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