Monday, June 08, 2009

A day at home...........with husband

Today is The Queens Birthday public holiday here and so this winter Monday is the end of a three day holiday for us AND! it is the first time in such a long time since my husband and I have done nothing!!

It is very cold now and the rain has been falling almost all weekend, so it has been sleeping in weather, open fire weather, walking around our jungle we call our garden weekend, but most of all doing nothing other then relaxing and making plans for our future.

I thought I would show my blogger friends some of our "doings" for this weekend. Nothing exciting but ever so much fun.
We went for a walk only across the front of our property.
Here is the view across the road to the elm trees now all bare and waiting for spring.

This photo is looking west with the grey clouds filling the sky and the rose hedge looking very sad. But the fresh air fills you with hope of the new seasons ahead. I do love winter and still enjoy walking in wet grass.

Yes! this is looking East along the front of our property yes! that is my husband sadly looking over our fence with the must cut the paddock look on is face. He thinks the picture makes him look like he is........well! he wasn't!! (smiles) The old abandoned hotel behind him is the edge of our property and it is looking so run down now and in danger of falling.

Here is a photo of it out the back. It has a wonderful history and has been part of the town for over 150 years but is in private hands and is simply left to fall down.

Our children when they were young used to get in there and look around and bring home all kinds of "bits" it was such a simple time back then when fun was made by the children not offered to them.

At least the sheep still get to play in and around the old "pub" as we call hotels.

Can you see the little lambs enjoying a search in the old out buildings watched by their mother.

I just love living in the country! how many of you have sheep for neighbours?

Here is my husband getting some more fire wood to put on the fire. He doesn't want me to but this photo in but it is part of our day and I am not sure why he doesn't want it in my blog other then the fact he feel he looks so old!!! His orchard is behind him looking sadder then the roses out front but you know having an orchard is very special and we know in a very short time the little buds of new leaves and fruits will soon appear.

Now I think I should even introduce you to our dog.

Please Say hello to "Makida" (named after Makita tools)

She is a lovely blue healer and has been part of our family now for about 10 years and still acts like a puppy..................with no manners and a lot and lots of loyal love especially for my husband Rob.

She was on her lead today because we have no fence out the front of our house at the moment and when we walk around she goes crazy running onto the road so here she is looking very upset with us because she had to stay put and be on her chain. Sitting up on her box is her form of a lounge chair I am sure.

I know exactly what she was thinking "came a little closer mum and I am going to put mud all over you!!!!"

This is a nice photo but she was giving us her "best side" to take a photo of just before we let her back off her lead.

Blue healers are very strong dogs and so her leather collar has to be strong and big and her lead looks like it would hold and elephant put but it has been broken before today by Makida.

Many will not come into our property with her barking because she would protect us and our home with her life that is what blue healers are very loyal dogs. but gentle as lambs around their family.

So now you have met our dog Makida.

I want to today also give many hugs to a dear friend Gina from patra's place I have not seen her for such a long time and wish I could just rush on over to hug her in person. She sent me a lovely gift, a book mark that is in use as we speak and the most beautiful cupcake soap I have ever seen. I don't think I could ever wash with it. Thank you Gina dear friend thank you. I will put photos of them both on my blog next time. It was a thrill to get them in the post, it truly was.

On a very sad note;

To our friend and Masonic brother Gus

On a much sadder note this weekend we were very upset to hear of the passing of the dear wife of one of our lodge members.

As he would often say when he introduced her to new friends "my beautiful wife"

So Gus please know your beautiful wife is in our prayers now and always. She is at peace after a huge battle that she tried so hard to win

Teressa will be remembered always.

This is My Monday "Queens birthday! Holiday!"

May your day be filled with the joy of the simple things in life!
Please hug your family and friends tonight!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee-Ann, It is so nice to go along on the walk with you and Rob around your property. Very good that you have time together for the long weekend. I love seeing where your orchard is and the long row of roses. It seems funny to hear of cold, rainy days with a fire in the fireplace when it is hot summertime here! Makita is a beauty and is loved so much I am sure. What a sweet face she has! Just a joy to visit you today!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

I agree with your love of country living.
I do not have sheep for neighbors, but we have goats in our backyard and cattle across the road.
There's nothing more satisfying than seeing them graze in the fields.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

What lovely shots of the beauty around you!! And your pup is just gorgeous!! You have a fantastic blog going here and I will definately be back.
If you have a minute or two to waste, please visit me at my blog and say hello.
Take good care and........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Melli said...

Oh Lee-Ann! This was a wonderful tour of your property! I would like to do it again in the Spring once everything has come into bloom! And I especially LOVE that picture of your hubby! He doesn't look OLD! He looks HAPPY!

Goat Creek Grandma said...

Hi Leeann,

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I love to meet new friends through blogging.

Thank you for the tour of your yard. Its hard to believe the seasons are different. We are heading into summer here and 90 degree weather. I loved reading about Makita too. Our dog Sasha is like a member of our own family. Sometimes I feel bad that we can't take her everywhere. She has the most expressive brown eyes. Nothing lays on the guilt like the 'puppy dog eyes'.

Take care and I look forward to chatting more,


Lanny said...

First off let me say that I enjoyed the walk around your place, and yes I have sheep for neighbors because my Dirt is a shepherd.

But mostly I loved being introduced to Makita! She reminds me of the dog we got from our east of the mountains cousins when I was a little girl back in the sixties. He was red but very similar to your Makita. Our cousins told us he was from Australia and part of his parentage was dingo. They had imported Bear's grandparents because they had a huge sheep flock and an enormous orchard, when the dogs weren't herding the sheep they were protecting the orchard. Our dog Bear was very strong too. With a similar chain attached to a tire filled with concrete he still managed to take after the neighbor and his Doberman that the neighbor would walk on a long lead and taunt our dog and scare the neighbor children. After that the neighbor didn't walk past our house.

Annie said...

Dear LeAnne - it was such a pleasure walking with you a Rob this morning. I so enjoyed the grey overcast. Here it is bright and marching on to being HOT. Fortunately, forecast for this week is low to mid-80s so summer heat has not grabbed out to strangle us yet.

I loved meeting Makita. Though not at all the same in looks, her personality and out Tanner's are a perfect match. They would be great doggy buddies.

And, you tell Rob he looks handsome and strong - just like a great and mature oak tree.


Alice said...

Hi Lee-ann...Cheers from sunny England. Glad to hear that it's been raining steadily...hopefully also in Canberra. We'll be home again on Friday - back to winter after nearly 7 weeks of wonderful weather, sights, people, and experiences.

Your weekend together with Rob sounded so cosy. I guess we'll have a few of those too in the next couple of months, no doubt remembering our trip too.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello Lee-Ann
I only stopped by to thank you.... but my I have fallen hook, line and sinker for your blog... and the way you write. I feel at ease here, it is as if I had suddenly turned up all unexpected... been handed a cup of tea in fine china, and offered the best chair.

I will be back again soon

Gina E. said...

Hi Lee-Ann, it is lovely to see you blogging again with all your beaut photos! And thank you for mentioning my little gifts - I was wondering if they'd arrived safely!

Daisy said...

I enjoyed sharing your day with you, Lee-Ann. Your dog Makida is beautiful. Spending the weekend relaxing sounds like the best thing to do with your time to me. :)

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