Monday, August 30, 2010

GOOD MORNING! World..........O! yes its me.

The very moment you feel good about your day is the very day you want to Blog! again, so here I am feeling rather good and with so much to tell you all and so much to see and read on my friends blogs I am sure.
I have missed blogging and my blog friends!

Working backwards My husband is back to work now and he has had a very good report from his professor of thyroid cancer and we are looking forward to a long happy life together.

He does have a little depression but this is bought on we are told by the medication and is under control "psst I watch him like a hawk"

But I do also want to share with you all an event that is starting in about three days. Each year our small country town have a daffodil and arts festival and they have antique shows and art shows and children's plays and of course they daffodils are in full bloom with gardens open to see their displays.

There is also on the last day a parade through town with schools and clubs and churches all involved it finishes at a carnival where everyone has a great time.
But there is one more thing that is very special and that is each year the town picks a king and queen and two princesses and princes to represent the town and they are honoured for their contribution to the town over the years.
The honour in being a King or Queen is huge and each year the town waits to see who it will be.........
Well this year with humble hearts and with huge honours the king and queen were crowned last week and they were.....


Lee-Ann & Rob
We were in shock for a few days and could not believe that we had been honoured like this but are so proud to be chosen to do this job of a year and especially over the daffodil festival so until the 12th (the day of the parade) we are going to be visiting 0ver 35 events in 11 days.

This is king Rob...........Queen Lee-Ann photo later heheheheh!

This is our Monday with SO! so! much more to share with you all I promise to do so soon.

Hugs to you all.


racheld said...


Well deserved, well presented!!

We just got home from a huge weekend of activities, and you were right on top of my list when I signed on. What a treat to see you back!!

Now I must go and unpack. My Heartfelt Congratulations to you BOTH, Your Majesties.


Vintage Linen Treasures said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, that's a huge honor to be sure! I'm looking forward to reading all about it.

Annie said...

I. Am. So. STOKED!! Can you tell? I'm so excited to see you back and with a great honor, too. All must be reported in detail, yes? The royals must tell us all. Inquiring minds want to know. Love you. Annie

Mrs. Mac said...

So glad to read a post from you. Hubby looks so fine in his king outfit. Enjoy the outing. Happy to read he is recovering. Hugs

Susan said...

Happy for you and the honor bestowed!!!!!

Alice said...

Dear Your Majesties.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!

So lovely to hear from you again, Lee-anne, especially with such wonderful news of Rob's health, and now your exciting year ahead of you.

I note that you wrote that blog a week ago, so I do hope the rain hasn't spoiled the daffodils. I haven't heard of flooding in your town, but with most of the rest of the State experiencing floods in some degree, I hope your little town is faring well.

Moineau16 said...

Congratulations, your Majesties, I hope you have fun with all the royal activities planned for you!

Gina E. said...

Hey Lee-ann, it is great to see you blogging again! I hadn't been checking in here because it has been so long, and I did start to wonder if you'd just decided to quit blogging altogether, as people do from time to time. But here you are, obviously with a nice new computer!
Glad to hear Rob is doing well, he certainly looks terrific in that photo. If I'd read your blog earlier, we would have come up to see you two in the daffodil festival! As it was, we had a family day here which was nice.
Looking forward to catching up with you both online and in person again soon!

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