Monday, October 18, 2010

Pink breakfast - grand lodge style

Sunday, get up early!
get dressed in Pink!
drive for just over an hour!

And then enjoy a "Pink breakfast" with friends and other Masons and their wives Knowing we are making money for such an important charity
Breast cancer!

May the cure be found and may all those who are touched by this disease be cured for life!!

The breakfast raised over $13,000.00 dollars and $15,000.00 was added to that by the grand lodge.

This was our Sunday! O! yes and that is us Rob in full bloom! on his tie and me in full bloom on my dress.....................all very pink of course!


racheld said...

What a wonderful bright cheery picture to greet me with First Cup this cloudy Monday! You two are just the most charming couple I can imagine, and if there were a contest, I know you won!

I just love seeing your delightful events with your friends and your organizations, and hope there are more pictures---I'd love a closer look at your flower garland and his WAY-cool tie.

Did you make those?

Annie said...

Omigoodness, Lee-Ann, you two are absolutely adorable. You are such a great team and share such a zest for life.

About the miners - suffice it to say that I was overjoyed. I was glued to the television. When I was asleep, I had CNN recording. I didn't want to miss a thing. Alas, I did miss number 31 and 32 but I was there for all the others.

Christy said...

How lovely you both look together. Thinking of others and sharing occasions with friends.

Lil Bit Brit

the cape on the corner said...

oh. my. goodness! this is so fantastic. how bold of you (and hubby) i love it!

i am so glad you enjoyed that comfort food post, but what exactly, is vegemite? not sure if you saw, but there was an australian commenter after yours who "seconded" the vegemite. i can say homemade chicken soup is a very good call. good thinking!

Gina E. said...

From Daffodil King and Queen, to Pink Queens - OOPS!!! Just kidding! I wish I had as much courage as you two do, to dress up in costumes to suit the occasion. We were going to dress up in togas at the Ben Hur Stadium show, but we chickened out at the last minute when we saw nobody else in fancy dress! Thanks for your comment on our garden. The rains have made such a difference, haven't they.

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