Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Australia's first Saint - Sister Mary Mackillop

Blessed Mary Mackillop
Australia's first Saint

Saint Mary was born to Alexander and Flora Mackillop at Brunswick street Fitzroy Victoria on the 15th of January 1842. The oldest of eight children.
As she is called now Saint Mary of the Cross.
this photo is of her siting and her sister Annie Mackillop to her right and her brother Donal Mackillop in 1897

Just a wonderful woman who is now our first Australian Saint.


racheld said...


I have no idea what the proper thing to say is, in the great significance of this happening---I'm sure a vast populace is equally out-of-water in speaking of such an far-reaching, enormous event.

I don't know if it's Congratulations, or what the protocol of the circumstances calls for---I'll just say that I know that this is a great blessing for you all, and I'm so pleased for your Country and for your Church.


Annie said...

What a blessing for your nation, Lee-Ann. Think of her as you pray. The intercessions of the saints are powerful.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Very interesting post! LOVE the photos. What always strikes me when I see these old photos is their clothing. I know I should be more interested in the content of the "article" but I can't help but be drawn to what their wearing. It took so much fabric, tiny stitches, and time to make it all. It's fascinating to me.
Patricia :o)

LV said...

I am very happy too that you found my blog. I enjoyed my visit with you as well. Anything you shared from your part of the world I would love. I did so enjoy my one visit there. That was a great lesson in history. I am joining your other friends as a follower.

Jo said...

Very interesting...! We have a new Canadian saint too, Brother Andre. So now we have something in common, a new Australian saint and a new Canadian one.

I love the photographs you have published here. Sister Mary Mackillop is very interesting.

Gina E. said...

Nice post Lee-Ann. I really don't know anything about the lady, so it was interesting to read what you posted.
How is your new computer going? I've just posted a big long whinge on my blog about our computers. We need some advice from someone who has recently bought one - help please!!

Gina E. said...

Oh Lee-ann, I just read your comment on my blog about computers - I can't believe your insurance company is still messing you around! May I suggest you contact the Insurance Ombudsman? I did that a few years ago, and got very fast results. I emailed the company and told them they had 24 hours to sort out the problem, and then I would contact 'Current Affair' and the insurance ombudsman. Problem fixed!! Try it.

Merle said...

Dear Lee-Ann ~~ I just popped over to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
I hope you are having a lovely day, the weather is certainly really nice.
Thank you for the information about St. Mary Mackillop -very interesting
Take care, my friend and enjoy your special day. Love, Merle.

racheld said...

Still thinking of you often and wishing you all warm and well and filled with the joys of this Blessed Season.

I thought of you yesterday, when my Christmas Package came from Sis. We're Baptist, but on her trip to Italy last month, she brought me a small rosary that she got at the Vatican. You could leave your items and have them blessed and delivered to your hotel. The Pope was away, but one of the Cardinals did the service.

It's in a lovely little intricately-decorated box, and just the most wonderfully-thoughtful gift, as a treasure and a religious piece.

I wish you all much Joy and Peace this wonderful Season,


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