Sunday, January 09, 2011

waiting and watching!

You know it is now well over two months since my last post and while there is much to "show and tell"
Now is simply not the time to do that, you see we are waiting to see the specialist again as we have found another "lump" and Rob is unable to swallow well, chocking is a daily thing could simply be scar tissue and we pray it is! but he will need another operation to fix it we feel...........but we will not jump to any conclusions until we have all the tests and all the "looks see!" have been done.
Sadly we have not seen much of our grandchildren this Christmas holidays and have not had many visits from them and their parents as well. Life gets very busy for All I know but often we go days without even a phone call...............I would love for once them to fuss over us instead of us always fussing over them.
We have been making jam this summer and it is good too! if we do say so ourselves. it is rich in colour and full of lovely berries. We grow them out the back, blackberries, loganberries and raspberries along with others and with all the rain we had they are plump and sweet.
"Happy New Year" to you all may your new year be filled with the hopes and joys that fill your hearts always.
Hugs to you all on this my Saturday!



Susan said...

I will lift you both up in prayer.

One of the many verses from God's precious Holy Word we are standing on in the manifestation of our daughter Suzette's healing: Speaking of the righteous...He will have no fear of bad news; his heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. His heart is secure, he will have no fear, in the end he will triump on his foes. Psalm 112:6-8

Father God I lift up Rob and his dear sweet wife to you Lord. Help them fix their eyes on You and You alone as they stand firm in the goodness of you, Lord. Let them remember Your Words that You will never leave them, nor forsake them. I pray Your peace upon them, Your peace that passeth understanding. It is in my Saviors precious, precious name that I pray. Amen

racheld said...

Oh, My Dear!! It's always good to hear your voice anytime, but I hope your news will be better next time.

I've been thinking of you during this busy, wonderful season, and imagining you and Rob with all your family. I hope your celebration was wonderful, and that the New Year will bring good news and return to perfect health.

Do remember that I think of you often, and have you both in my prayers, my Faraway Friend.

May your days be as sweet and as rich as the glorious berries on your stove.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh Lee-ann, my prayers are with you and Rob and I certainly hope that it is only scar tissue. At least he is in good hands.

It's a pity when people become too busy to visit...but it seems to be the case more and more often. However, ss parents and grandparents all we can do is "be there".

I wish you and Rob all the very best of luck.


Annie said...

Dear Friend,

I'm placing Rob on my prayer list sidebar again.

I'm sorry you have not seen as much of the g'babies as you might have. Have you told your children of this lastest health concern? Sometimes children think their parents are immortal. I know it was hard for me to settle into the idea that my dad was not the strong man he was at one time and much was overlooked. This experience taught me to be more sensitive when it was my mom's turn to be cared for. If you have not said anything, please, please do.

You are both in my thoughts and every thought is a prayer.


Gina E. said...

Dear LeeAnn, I'm just now catching up with my blog reading, and am so sad to read this post. When we spent that fun night with you and Rob and your friends, you hinted to me that all was not well in your world. We'd been hoping to see you again soon, to give you your belated Christmas pressies, and introduce you to the newest member of our household, but I understand now why we haven't heard from you.
If I don't hear from you next week, I'll call you. Hugs from both of us to both of you.

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