Tuesday, March 01, 2011

GOSH! is it the 1st of March??????

Gosh were did January and February go!

No please I want to know!!

one day we had floods the next it was so tropical we could have grown bananas, then it was and it getting so cold too quickly and darker in the mornings.

But were did our summer go? did I sleep through it?

I did none of the things I planned or dreamed about before our summer started.

I was going to go to the beach this year!

I was going to visit friends and stay for long chats!

I was going to re-do our front garden to show the world that drives past just how lucky I am to have a garden at all.

I was going to get some chooks! and we were going to build a chicken coop!

I was going to have grandchildren for sleepovers.

I was going to go to the movies and

wear summer dresses!!!

None of these things happened.

Instead I worked almost every day, and all of the above will have to be saved for another time because it is now getting cold! wet! (well it has been most of the time) and winter is on its way. I wouldn't be surprised to see us go straight into winter and by-pass Autumn as well.

So I must go and order some fire wood for our open fire!

hugs to you all.

O! goodness one thing I did do! I made jam.............beautiful berry jam from our organic berries we grow at the back of our yard!

now if I could just get the photos off my new phone I would show you just how!

O! goodness again one other thing that happened was my beautiful vintage decorations were on display at the front foyer of the Melbourne museum. it was a thrill to be asked if they could display them and an even bigger thrill to share the display with all of the visitors who went to the museum and who looked in on them as they walked past.!


racheld said...

What a busy Summer you've had!!! And we're having COLD and WET together, you know. It rained for HOURS last night, and is 37 right now.

I was so pleased to see you say you wanted to get chooks---oddly enough, that's the very word my Mammaw used to call all the little biddies to come get their corn chops.

I can hear her now, out there in her old yard-dress with all the little chirpers around her feet, scattering corn bits and calling, 'Chook! Chook!'

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Autumn.


Gina E. said...

Tell me about it! The way time is moving, it will be Christmas again in a minute - and I'll be able to give you last year's gift that I didn't get to you because of time going to fast, lol!

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for the reminders. I hope to do some of those things this summer too Our Spring isn't even here yet but I know how fast the pace becomes once it it. Your decorations are so pretty. What an honor to have them displayed at the museum!

Jenn @ Spejory said...

I love your vintage ornaments! They look very much like the ones I have, that belonged to my grandmother. Though I've never been blessed with displaying them in a museum, they do grace the centerpiece of my Christmas table each year!

Mrs. Mac said...

Wow .. the whole summer is over and now it's fall. We just slipped into spring .. and I can't wait for the warmth of summer .. after so many cloudy cold snowy days. I think the world has been upended of late with all of the destruction and unrest. I hope you have some good books and lots of warm fires to keep you cozy this coming winter.


Ozkatt said...

Wow, Lee-ann, congratulations on having your own exhibition in the museum!

As for the summer, ours was wet (extremely) and cooler than usual although we had one week of temps well over 30 in March. Go figure!

Winter will be upon us soon enough so I'm making the most of the warm, if a trifle damp, days...

Hope all is well with you and Rob.



Tea said...

Popped by to say hello :)
Been a while. Lovely pics as usual!


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