Thursday, June 30, 2011

From March to July!.............

Here it is the end of June..............So much is happening here and being a blogger over the past months has way to far from my touch of a keyboard.

I have missed all my friends but knew that just a click or two and I would be able to see what was happening in your day.

So here I am again to blog a little, to share a little and to see a little of your blogs.

Winter is here as you know so the open fire is lit and the fire wood this year was so expensive that we went into the bush with friends and a trailer and got many loads to share so we would all be warm in our homes.

Work has been busy and for many of you who know I work in an opportunity shop trade has been brisk, and truly needed with all the disaster's around the country and world that they help ever day.

My husband is doing well and is again working, while he is still very tired and has the tremors in his left hand and arm they (the doctors) are trying to work through that issue now. His cancer has been gone now for months and we are very happy about that.

Our Grandchildren (11 of them now) are all well and happy and their parents are too!

"The hooghly" the sail ship that brough my family to Australia in 1839

"The Rutt family" is were I begin. (on my mums side)

Our passion for genealogy has fueled many trips to cemeteries and hunting down of documents to continue the search of our pasts.

We have almost come to the end of our 12 months as the king and queen of the Kyneton daffodil festival and what a great 12 months that has been. We have taken both our wonderful trips given to us as part of our gift for being the king and queen. The trip to Tasmania was wonderful with our stay on the Hobart wharf being so perfect. The trip to Adelaide on the train (the second gift) we just did last weekend and combined a wonderful time with our genealogy and spent most of our trip searching cemeteries for "family' connections.

This is my day! being it boring to some is wonderful to me.......a simple life filled with treasured moments that come from the heart of knowing how lucky I am.


racheld said...

How lovely to hear from you, and to contemplate those evenings by the glowing fireside. Those fall days of going-to-the-woods for the Winter's wood are treasured memories to me, as well.

We're still in the low 80s after a week of very cool damp weather, with the breeze in the trees just wonderful for a sit-out-and-chat or read.

So glad to hear of your Rob's progress and recovery---you know you have many, many well-wishers and good thoughts going up for you all.


Mrs. Mac said...

I had to skim the part about winter ;) .. we had such a cold dreary one and never really had much spring .. now summer is taking it's sweet time to arrive as well .. (LOL)

I'm glad your hubby's cancer is gone and hope the doctors can figure out about the tremors in his hand/arm.

Nice to see you out in blogland

blessings to you from across a few seas.

Susan said...

Good to hear from you and so good to hear your husband is doing so well. You probably don't know, since you haven't been around blogland, but we love our wonderful daughter, Suzette, to cancer on May 19th after her long, hard fought battle for 7 1/2 months. I miss her sooooo.

Mountain Mama said...

Time flys when you are having fun and it seems you have certainly been having your share.
Good news about your husband being cancer free.
I love doing genealogy research too but haven't done much lately. This time of year my yard and gardens require most of my time.

Annie said...

Lee-Ann! I was so excited to see you surface again. I was planning to write you a letter, a SNAIL MAIL letter, and tickle your interest again. Still will but had to drop in here.

Glad to read that things are going well for Rob. I have wondered. Here's a warm hug filled with California sunshine to heat up your day.


Gina E. said...

Hey Lee ann - it is great to see a post here from you! I really thought you had decided to give blogging away for good, and had dropped you from my sidebar, but I was just on Merle's blog, and saw your blog listed there, so I decided to jump over and see if you'd posted anything new. Well, it's not actually new now, lol - dated the end of June, and it is nearly the end of July! I am surprised that nobody else has used to have such a large following. But they'll return - just like me!
Ken was saying only today that he might ring you guys; he feels a bit guilty for not keeping in touch after you visited him in hospital. You sure have been busy - what a buzz to get those free trips! What a shame you didn't blog about them - I would have loved to read more about each trip!
If you read my blog, you will get a surprise - the gown you got for me is going to be featured in an article on opshopping!
Let's catch up soon!
Gina and Ken

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