Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello everyone!

Today I remember a great grandfather I never knew!

William Hamilton

1866 - 1915

who lies at the bottom of the sea going down with his battle ship along with many others

in the Dardanelles campaign during world war one.

Leaving behind a young wife and four small children.

Lovely to touch this! my little place to blog! again!


Mrs. Mac said...

Welcome back! ... and thank you for sharing the memory of your grandfather. Today is Veterans Day in the U.S.A. Is it a day of remembrance for your country too?

PEA said...

Woohoo, welcome back to the blogworld dear Lee-Ann:-) I thought you had quit blogging so that's why I was so thrilled to see the comment you left on my blog!

A beautiful and heartfelt tribute for Remembrance Day and your great grandfather. I had 4 uncles who fought in the front lines in WW2 and my mom remembers how much it affected her mom, having 4 sons at war. Thankfully they all came home alive but their lives were never the same again. A simple "thank you" just doesn't seem to be enough for the sacrifices they all made, does it?!

I do hope all is well in your corner of the world and that we hear from you more often now:-) Big welcome back hugs xoxo

Annie said...

I was delighted to see your email to me this morning, Lee-Ann. This post is so heartwrenching. What a beloved reminder of a life cut short, yet his line goes on through his descendants.

racheld said...


It's always lovely to see your light pop on at the top of the list.

And I'm proud with you of all our service-people today---though you didn't know yours, I'm sure your memory of him is a wonderful thing.


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hello dear Lee-Ann,

I am so happy that somehow, across thousands of miles, we have connected.

This was a wonderful tribute. We should never forget.

All joys to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green island

Mountain Mama said...

It's such a touching post. I'm sure your great grandfather would have been delighted to know you.
His wife had a huge job raising their children alone. So sad.

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