Saturday, November 19, 2011

We love Genealogy!

Putting meat on the bones!

That is what my husband Rob calls it!

It is so wonderful to find something interesting out about a family member from long ago and learn just a little more to add to your family tree!

I know it has been said before but asking the oldest members of our families about anything they remember is so! SO! important.

But just lately I have enjoyed finding families that are part of pieces of history We have that may be unknown to them before today!

Like this piece!! about a month or two back I went for the annual "Woman in our family!" get together and this year it was in Tasmania......looking around the antique stores I found this beautiful remembrance card.

Myrtle Olive Carrie Commons became so real to me and as I hunted down her family I started to wonder what her short little life must have been like. Similar I am sure to those who in my own family back in the 1800's had their lives cut short for many reasons we now would not understand if it happened today.

Well I have found Myrtles family and they now have the copy of this beautiful card and she is once again back with her family and on a family tree that belongs to her and is part of her life and line.

It felt so good connecting them Myrtle and her family together again.

My day is always full of wonder!

If you want something badly enough it will happen!!
this is part of my Saturday!


Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

How kind of you to take the time to reconnect the card with the family! Thanks so much for your congratulations! It is fun, isn't it? I appreciate all the bloggy love!...hugs...Debbie

racheld said...

Oh, Lee-Ann!

This is SO important! I love the delvings and the findings, and last year I even spent days on a quest for a century-and-a-half ago family I'd never even heard of. I was just was captivated and touched by the broken stone with their names, toppled into the grass in a cemetery far from their home.

This is the beginning of our own celebration season here, with our Thanksgiving next week, and I wish you and all yours a bright and happy holiday season.


Annie said...

Hi Lee-Ann. Our hubs would have lots to talk about. Mine is into genealogy too.

Big hug,

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