Sunday, November 20, 2011

What not another birthday!!

Yes ok! it is my birthday today!

Great breakfast out with husband!

Great look around a food festival!

Great gifts of organic soaps!

great phone calls from family!

and now a great dinner cooked by my husband!

Yes a great day to be "whispering!!!!!!" 59 years old.

This is my Sunday 20th Nov 2011


American lady said...

Happy Birthday my dear Aussie Friend! And many more to come!

Love from your American Friend in Maine

Annie said...

Oh, that's right. Our birthdays are practically on top of each other. I whispered 64 of the 18th. Happy, happy birthday, Lee-Ann.

Pear tree cottage! said...

American Lady..............Think about you all the time!! dearest friend. thank you for your birthday wishes. hugs to all!

Annie, O! yes happy birthday to you dear friend yes I have had to whisper when asked "how old are you!!?" many times this week! <^..^>


The Retired One said...

Happy Belated Birthday darlin..hope it was wonderful!!!

Gina E. said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Lee-ann!
Sorry I didn't get to send a card this year; you were in my diary, but with all the rush to get my stuff to and from the Lilydale show, I overlooked several birthdays :-(
Glad you had a good one. I didn't know you were blogging again until I saw your comment on Merle's blog. Funny how we catch up with people these days. There is just nowhere to hide any more - ha ha!
How is life in the opshop? I am really enjoying my two half days at the BSL, and I am very good; I don't bring home much at all!
Are we going to catch up before Xmas? Everyone else seems so busy this year, Ken and I are just plodding along doing nothing special.

American lady said...

Happy Thanksgiving! thinking of you and your dear Rob on this day and remembering the wonderful Thanksgiving we spent with you both so many years ago. How time flies! now there are grandchildren and in laws and our families just keep growing! Bless you and keep you all safe and healthy! Love to all your family! Denise & Bob

racheld said...

I hope is was a LOVELY day indeed!! Certainly sounds like my kind of day.

It's wonderful to see you here so often---I certainly missed you lately. Best wishes for the coming Holidays!!


American lady said...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and Rob and all your family!!!

with lots of love,

Denise & Bob

ck out Rob's email. we sent a christmas card to you both!

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