Wednesday, September 19, 2012


"Well we would say! ALL THE PADDOCKS ARE GOLDEN!"

My husband had to go to the coast to see about a building job so off we went on Sunday and stayed over night for a meeting at 9am on Monday morning.

Wonderful little break by the sea!!

The weather was ok! but not the summer we are looking forward to seeing soon, But the fields (paddocks) along the farm roads were "truly a summer golden"

But you know no trip for us would not be complete without a search in a cemetery for past relatives!

We found a couple and sadly we are glad we took the time to look they may not be around much longer their condition was very poor.

This is my Thursday! full of golden hues! and Family Tree!


betty r said...

Such a beautiful sight..'a sea of yellow'. Love your header, a bowl of pears.
Thank you for your visit to our blog.
Have a happy day!

racheld said...

Simply lovely countryside---so Spring-like and golden. I'm not at all acquainted with "paddocks," outside NATIONAL VELVET and maybe MY FRIEND FLICKA, but it's lovely to see your usage of the word as simply "fields," for I've always associated the word only with horses.

Hope you have a SUNNY warm Summer soon!! Ours is winding down, and we wore sweaters on our walk yesterday.


Annie said...

Good morning, Lee-ann. The sooner our heat moves your way, the happier we will all be. LOL

The yellow fields are so pretty. Is that mustard flower growing there? We have such fields in abundance farther north. It's generally too dry here.

Glad to read that Rob continues to do well and that he is working again.

We had some good news happen (in case you missed it). Our son, who was unemployed or underemployed for four years, has a job - a great job. He and his wife are now living in Indiana which is almost 2000 miles away. So far away but we are very grateful.

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