Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spring cleaning!!!

I am convinced it is spring!!

So what does one do? "Clean"

As many of you know when the children leave home they leave behind them many items "they just may need someday!! Well we have boxes of old letters post cards and school reports etc. etc. etc. for each of our family.

And you must understand that we have been empty Nester's for many years now but the boxes have been "placed in a safe place" at the back of our cupboards one for each of the children. now We also have items from our grandchildren (much more important if you ask me) tucked away as well.......SO!

Seeing as it is spring, Today I decided was a good day to clean out those boxes and give them to the owners! lol lol lol
(O! they are going to love it when we take them to their homes when we next visit)

Don't you think??

I did however find some lovely moments and memories and so decided to share one with you all.

Our Daughter Mandy did a photo shoot way back when!!!
And wanted so much to use my wedding dress for the event.

So here are the photos of her in that dress of mine I think I may just keep these......Well mothers can keep the best and send on the rest to the kids 'Right!" lol lol lol lol.


Spring is in the air lalalalalala!!!!!!!!!

This is my Sunday filled with many blessings!!


Gattina said...

Wow ! that looks romantic ! what a nice picture with the flowers in the hair !

Marc Nelson said...

She is beautiful in that wedding dress..

goat weed

racheld said...

I have no idea how I missed this lovely post!!

Such a beautiful lady and such an ethereally beautiful set of pictures, like a hazy forest scene of a Faery Queen.

I do not blame you for keeping those, and they're certainly worth framing, as well.

It's finally feeling like Autumn here, as your flowers bloom and your trees leaf out---we're settling into the cool of October--the colors, nesting and getting ready for the cold, but enjoying all the glory of Fall all for itself.

Be well, Faraway Friend,


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