Friday, November 30, 2012

My new trolley!

Just what every girl who turns 60 years old old ladies trolley to carry all the purchases.......they are very modern now and I love the black and white "spotty look" and SO! much better then lugging things around over your shoulder....But the best part is, you will never believe this as you walk around it is a bit like passing a caravan they say hi! or nod! and look at your trolley as they would your caravan...............gosh! I am in the trolley gang! now. :)

Bought it just today I am sure the shine will wear off and I will pop it away until I am old!!!! lol lol

Anyway! my 5 year old grand daughter told me I have no wrinkles YET!!

This is my Friday - Christmas shopping!!!


racheld said...

It's just charming, and I say that anything that eases the way, young or old, is worthwhile---leaves you more time for fun stuff, like playing with the GRANDS.

says rachel, who can be seen gaily tootling along pulling a bright red Radio Flyer toward the grocery store.

Hope your Spring is Springing, and you're warm and well.

Annie said...

Ah Oh. I think the grand may be scheming on "borrowing" that very nifty looking trolley. Love it.

Gina E. said...

Oh! I've never seen a spotted shopping trolly - how cute is that!!

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