Friday, March 08, 2013



Today is International Woman's day.....and being a genealogy buff!!! what better way to share an old photo of my family tree then on this wonderful day..........woman of the world both from the past and into the future are the life of any family, and here are grandfathers mother (my great gran) Auntie Grew my grand fathers sister, Bertha Russell my great gran on my grandmothers side, my Mum who is 80 this year in her arms, Audrey, Joan and Marjorie (cousins)......and the men as well but some of the ladies I love.

There are Many, Many more woman in my family, like the milk maids that came to S.Aust in 1839, and their mother who brought herself along with her husband and 8 children only to see her husband and two of her children die before herself in 1840......leaving those to survive on their own, Or the Great gran I never knew who was forced to give my grandmother up to be taken in by a beautiful German family in Truro, they are all international woman of the my sisters, and sisters in law, and my beautiful daughters and their daughters......this family tree will continue to grow and with it the strength of our woman in various rolls be they as in the past.....follow their husbands to a distant land, or work the fields as good as any man could, or struggling to keep their family safe while their men during the depression walk for days and days looking for work.

Every woman in every part of this globe we call earth rejoice for we "ARE WOMAN OF THE INTERNATIONAL WORLD"

this is my day humbled by others - happy to know them all!
How is your day! 

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Gina E. said...

Ken was asking me the other day if I'd heard from you since you were here on Australia Day, and I said no. Having just caught up with your blog, I now understand why you haven't been in touch - no time! But it sounds like you have both been enjoying yourselves, which you richly deserve after the past few years of hard work, health issues and other family stuff.
Funny you should mention the Celtic building and post the photo: we walked right past it last Saturday, having spent the day in the city looking for a new bike for Ken. Yep - ANOTHER bike, not just a replacement! He wants the fastest road bike which is a BMW and of course one of the most epxensive. But hey, when you've only got a few good years left, what's a few thousand dollars?
When this awful heat finally disappears, can we come up to visit? The new bike will need a good run in, lol!

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