Wednesday, May 08, 2013

PAUL MILNER'S Books.........Yippee!!

Yes was Great! finding these gems!!

To some these books wouldn't be all that interesting or important right?

BUT to us they are a little like a lifeline to the past........a way of finding who is who! and those unique records to add to our family tree........and it was not until we went on the genealogy cruise last February and listened to an amazing "lecturer" and found out Paul Milner co-wrote these two books.........full of the most valuable information people like us would need............But they were out of print Paul told us!!!!!

Well that would not stop me, It has taken me since the middle of Feb until today to get them both........We are so excited!!!!!!! Thank you Paul for telling us about your books they may not be new but they are wonderful! And now they are mine!!!!!!

With the winter season coming on here and a huge stack of fire wood we look forward to sitting by our open fire and read every word of these great books.

"Discovering your English Ancestors"

England for Rob!!

And "Discovering your Scottish Ancestors"

Scotland for me!!

This is my Wednesday and What a beautiful Day it is!


racheld said...

It's always so nice to see your name pop to the top of the board! I think of you all often, and try to imagine your living a season different from the one we're having---the closing in a Fall and its cozy connotations, especially that book-by-the-fire thing (that great trove of firewood put by is one of the best. It's right up there with a full pantry and well-stocked bookshelves.

Ours is WARM today, with sun-down-the-stairs and bright all the way beneath all the green taking over the back garden. (And I just laid out a pair of pale-pink gloves to wear to a little tea today at Sweetpea's school---I was asked most politely at the breakfast table to wear a dress).

You and Rob may find our own clan somewhere in BOTH your ancestries, for we're Brit and Scottish from WAY back---the first one to come here was in 1634 (transported for stealing two nutmegs and a pound of gingerbread---he was seventeen and finally made quite a good life for his family).

It's just always so GOOOODD to hear from you!


Annie said...

Excellent resources. Don would like one of each and probably one for Ireland as well.

Gina E. said..., no doubt? Well, maybe not, but I've found some amazing stuff on there that nobody else had. Don't suppose the books turned up in your opshop? Now THAT would be a great find!
How is everything going with you two? Don't know if you've had time to read my blogs lately, but Ken is RETIRING at the end of this month - YAAAAAAY!

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