Monday, May 27, 2013

"Fiery Creek" - Now called Beauford

Fiery Creek......
These two little words conger up all kinds of thoughts in your head but it is simply an wonderful original name for a Gold Rush town in Victoria Australia. And particular it is the Name of the Masonic Lodge that no longer meets.....but will never be forgotten.

The township of Beauford was originally Known as Fiery Creek and was first settled during the Gold Rush of the 1850's Following Gold discoveries in 1852 at the Yam Holes creek and a later rush to the main lead a short time after that. Fiery Creek saw over 60,000 people attracted to this "Rush" as the town was estableshing shops, and hotels and other esential  needs of a large population.

The town was surveyed in 1857 and town allotments were sold from 1858. By 1860, Beaufort had become a small but strong agricultural, pastoral and timber district. Beaufort's Court House was built in 1864 and the fiery creek Post Office renamed as Beaufort the same year.

So the town was re-named Beauford and this name was either taken from Rear-Admiral Francis Beaufort or a Welsh village in Monmouthshire, either could be correct but information is not available as to which is right.

Fiery Creek prospered and when it laid new "goldfinds in 1856 it kept alive the hopes that "Fiery Creek" would prove to be a second Ballarat.

The Fiery Creek diggings supported four townships, Beaufort, Yam Holes Creek, View Point and Southern Cross, during the 1850s. The population on the fields reportedly reached approximately 100,000 people at its height in the late 1850s and produced 450,000 ounces of gold over a two-year period, 1855–1856.

It is recorded that most Friendly societies and the Masonic lodge were well established in the town at this time, and at this time Cultural developments started to happen with churches, Free library,. Fire station and other needs of the town.
The Masonic lodge......while it is believed was well established during the 1870's we believe the lodge would have been under first the English constitution and in the 1890's came under the Newly formed Australian Constitution as per the records of "The victorian Masonic guide" which was first published in 1893.

Fiery Creek Lodge  at Beauford was closed down a few short years ago as the population got older and new members were needed sadly the lodge had to hand in its warrent and close its doors....but it does not end there see Our masonic lodge "Zetland Lodge no.25" which was established on the 21st of September 1859 was what we call Fiery Creeks Lodge no.157 established on the 15th Oct. 1890's Sister Lodge and Zetland helped to start the Fiery creek lodge and so always had a close affliation to the lovely small lodge in Beauford and friendship between the two lodges lasted until the very night it closed and continues in history forever.
when the lodge closed some photos were given to Zetland lodge and will be hung in "The South" to remind all of Zetlands members the need to treasure friendship and botherhood of lodges that have now closed.

This is my Sunday - Hello to all!!


racheld said...

I'm so pleased that you're finding all these wonderful things from times gone by. One person's delving into their own past enriches us all, for memories ARE gold. Even other folks' memories and photos from so far away share parts of the world and of the times that our own kin knew of only from faded geography books.

I love that you're finding all these riches to share.

Hope your AUTUMN is cozy and delightful.


Mountain Mama said...

What an interesting piece of history. Thanks for sharing it. I can just imagine all the campfires along the creek, with their keepers sitting close by admiring the day's finds.

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