Saturday, June 13, 2015


I looked forward to spending a very short time on my blog page today,
As always we are rushing out the door to do one thing or another.
I am not sure why my whole life has been rush! rush! rush! but not a day goes by were I don't spend a moment thinking about my mother, family and friends.

We are going to the OES tonight and while life is very different for us within the grand lodge of Victoria. We do enjoy the ladies association especially when I have little to do other then just enjoy the night. :)

The other news in our lives is that our amazing vacation is fast approaching and my gosh it is filled with great things to see and do. we will be heading to England and then USA after a cruise. I am glad I will be having a few days off work before starting again when we get back.......but we will need the money so it will be hi ho! its back off to work I go.

We also hope that when we get home we will be finishing our little home and selling (yes selling) but wont be going to far......into the paddock in fact to start another home / Residential accommodation. But that is another story for another time.

Just want to mention two very special people here Gena and Ken! love you both to pieces and you are always in our conversations and we think of you both often.....we truly wish we could see you more often but the other side of Melbourne is sometimes is hard to get to. if I have a moment or two over the past years I have been a blog stalker! :) and love! love! your posts.

If anything should happen to us while we are away from our beautiful country please note we love you all dear friends we adore our family and will be with you always.

It may be a little dramatic.......but in this world "things happen"
better to have said "I love you all" then to have not.


racheld said...

You won't believe that I was headed over tonight to say hello and ask how you're all doing! We've been so busy with renovations and company that I've lost track of all my favourites, and was hoping to catch up.

So glad you're doing well, and hope you a fantastic time on your cruise and trip and journey. If you make it to the Heartland, let us know---you'd be most welcome here.

So glad to see you smiling and doing well.


Gina E. said...

Thank you for that special mention! Yes Eltham is a long way from anywhere else (as we are often told by friends and family who live elsewhere), but we are happy to drive over and see you any time you are likely to be home. We have been lucky to find you home on the last few occasions when we've just dropped by as we were passing, but would love to see you once more before you leave on the trip. Didn't even know you were heading overseas!

racheld said...


Sending all Good Wishes for the blessings of this glorious season to you and all your family. I hope you are all well and enjoying the rest of Springtime---a Christmas concept as foreign to me as Madagascar. So to speak.

We're all well and looking forward to the holidays---five of our Lovies have moved within 1 1/2 hours now, and so we're anticipating a crowd this year, as well as weekends and constant visits.

Our love and VERY BEST wishes to you all from the Heartland,


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