Friday, January 29, 2016

Just a simple plate!

When my grandmother passed away it was never suggested that anything in her home would be sent to op-shops or trashed.
Every family member took pieces and before we knew it beds, cupboards, dishes....even her preserving jars that once were filled and stored in the cellar of her mothers home were taken and are now used by many in the family.

I like others got to see in cupboards gran would never let us see in before, it felt a little bit naughty, yet was very exciting.
One of these cupboards held lovely old dishes and a meat dish court my eye. It was very well used and it had Aqua around the edges now chipping off and the crazing was a testimony of it's many meals it had carried from the oven to the dining table and I loved it so!
I asked if I could have it and today after these many years I have taken it out of my cupboard to admire again.

But I don't remember the little piece of tape on the bottom with its hand written initials on it B L R it reads and that can only be one name in our family "Bertha Louisa Russell" nee Schliebs. How wonderful to see her initials recorded on this very dish.

Then I took a look at what else was on the bottom of this big platter and I find, I can see the makers mark pressed in the plate but only the letters are clear DRC....then there is the embossed mark on the bottom and the most interesting of all.
It reads:-
31 Rundle St

She must have bought this plate in a most wonderful store in Adelaide, or perhaps it was part of her glory box. Then again a wedding gift purchased in Adelaide and taken to Truro South Australia for a gift that was used time and time again.

This post will only be finished when I can work out why the photos will not download at this time.

This is my Friday!

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