Monday, May 15, 2006

Amanda's Birthday today!

It is our daughter Amanda's birthday today and while there are thousands of birthdays today around the world she is special not only because she is our daughter and that she is the mummy of two of our grandchildren but because she was born 31 years ago in a grass hut hospital in the middle of the jungle in Papua New guniea. yes she arrived with much joy and happiness while ants ran up one wall and cockroaches (the big kind!) scampered around the floor. The thing is it was a most special moment in our lives and this little girl came into the world not looking for a white bright light or a polished shiny floor but lisening to the sounds of the jungle and the feel of many warm hands to help and care for her. We went home all those years ago just hours after the birth as I had to then take care of my husband and little son Robert 4 years old (they both had a jungle feaver) yes when I look back now at that very day! this very day today 31 years ago I am on one had proud of myself and on the other I think what a fool to be so young and think nothing was a problem and nothing could happen.

Happy birthday darling daughter I am so glad you are now out of hospital today and enjoying your two little children Jesse and Florence on this yours and my special day.


Calidore said...

Happy Birthday to your girl. How proud you must be of her. Goodness I can't imagine leaving hospital after just a few hours to go home. Scary stuff. Thank you for popping over to visit my blog. I have your's saved and will pop in often.

Isabelle said...


Thanks so much for your comment on my blog and my garden. I love this way of making contact with people on the other side of the world, where it's autumn (I find that so hard to imagine). I've just read a little of yours just now but it looks very interesting and I shall be back. Right now I'm unusually sleepy (for me) and am off to bed.

Maggie Ann said...

What a very special family and how God took care of you is so good to read and so like him! Not many people have a testimony like yours...its very special

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