Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Were once a garden grew!

Thank you to everyone for their support during what can only be called "the reno" and yes their is not much passion about it however you know I went for a walk in the garden today just after we had heavy rain then snow! and while everyone else was inside going mad on walls and floors and other nooks and crannies I decided a time for me walk was in order if not too far away how can you escape it? so I took my camera and this is what I could see.

The old claw legged cast iron bath now sits out back forgotten and lonely but I am sure it is enjoying the fresh air and the rain it now holds. But what you cannot see is the bulbs I love just popping their little heads up around the tree so while the mess of a renovation has taken over inside and out my garden goes on without me showing itself that it will also be ready for spring.

The side of the house but I can see more daffodils and other bulbs way over there sitting in the mud and enjoying a sit in the earth that is now not parched but soaked with beautiful rain

Beside the house I find a rose not yet with leaves but taking over the building materials now that was a nice sight! green all around while the timber waits to be used.

Decking! what a wonderful summer we will have places to sit and enjoy the long hot evenings It may be stacked at the moment but it will be beautiful on show soon.

Jonquils now they are not stopping for any renovation! up they came watch out don't tread on them was my catch cry for weeks as the young apprentices walked amongst them not knowing a weed from a bulb. I love the jonquils strength to withstand the lack of rain, the renovation and the boys big feet.

I have spent the morning not at work but here watching every move but now Rob is back home I can hand it back to him to answer the silliest of questions only a 17year old apprentice can ask! ((smiles))

It is always nice to dream awhile when walking in out simple garden to see what is what and I have enjoyed sharing it all with you.. Now I am afraid to say it is back to the sandpaper and back into the work!!

Pssst! yes it is cold all right we just had a storm come past and the snow and hail was so heavy the cars were spinning off the road out front of our place.

It melts fairly fast but I think it may help those who are in 100plus degrees ((smiles))

This is from my snowing Tuesday


miss*R said...

Lee-ann - it is going to snow here tonight, apparently/
I am going to re-read your post and will probably comment again later..
can you email me please? xoxo

Merle said...

Hi Lee-ann ~~ It will all be worth it in the end. Just a matter of time!!
Your garden and bulbs are showing faith in the future. But SNOW - -I
heard Ballarat, Geelong, Dandenongs, didn't hear Kyneton. Even a road near
Daylesford closed by show. I hope it doesn't get this far, though it is cold enough!! Glad you have met and hugged some of our cows before - more to post. Glad you liked the mobile phone warning. How quick was that crook? Take care Lee-ann, will
be pleased to see finished reno. Your 2 roses were lovely, such a nice gesture. Love, Merle.

The Thrifty Blogger said...

Hard to imagine snow! Yikes that means cold, heat, and money. It's in the 70's here, NY. (not the city)

That old iron bathtub, I know someone who took and planted flowers all around it, they use it to cool off in, in the summer. Kind of like a little swimming pool. It's nice and deep, then you just unplug it and let the water go out and water the flowers surrounding it. They look beautiful when you plant some tub-high flowers around it, all you see are the flowers. Leave the drain plug out unless you are soaking in it.

Also, you can take and sink it down into the ground, and use it as a small garden pond. You'd have to plug the drain hole.

Penless Thoughts said...

What a sweet break you took to enjoy the beauty that only God can create!!! Thanks for letting us see it too.

Kerri said...

Reading through your latest posts was like reading an illustrated e-mail :) That's what I love about blogging! Keeping in touch with friends far and wide is such fun. Oh Lee-ann, what a time you're having with the renovations! But I can see you're focusing on the joys as usual. Rain, daffodils, snow, family!
A very happy belated birthday to your dear husband! I loved those family pictures :)
Love to you! Kerri xoxo

Susie said...

Kerri is so right! Blogging is like an illustrated email and I never thought of it that way.
It looks so cold and wet there, but I know how much the rain was needed. Your flowers are quite hardy to have withstood all they had to deal with!

see you there! said...

Thought I'd check and see how things were coming along.

Your garden looks hardy, especially with the rain, hail and snow you mention. Of course we are in summer at my house.

By summer for you, you'll be sitting back enjoying all your efforts.


Mountain Mama said...

Hello Lee-Ann and thanks for visiting my blog. I just finished reading yours as well as some archive posts you did and I must say I can't imagine why I haven't seen your blog before now, as
we have some visitors in common.
Your photos of the remodel brought back some memories. I have been through two remodels myself, the most recent about five years ago.
It is a horrendous job, especially when you are living in the midst of it all. At one time I had no roof nor walls in the bedroom and living room. How on earth do you get ready for bed in that situation? I do hope the remainder of your remodeling goes fast and everything is as wonderful as you have planned.
I'm adding you to my links. I want to follow the progress on your home.

PEA said...

Hello dear Lee-ann:-) I'm back from my trip and trying to play catch up with everyone!! I'm glad you were able to escape to your garden for a little while and enjoy some of your flowers! I know you must be completely fed up with your house being in such a mess but in the end it will have been so worth it!!! xoxo

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Are you going to put the bathtub back in the house.?? If not I have a friend here that took an old bathtub and just filled it with flowers. It is beautiful!! You might want to do that!! Just a thought. SAndy

Val said...

It feels cold enough to snow here in Melbourne. The forecast for the weekend in your area is milder thank goodness, but we've still booked in for 2 nights in the motel in Castlemaine.

Maybe you should make your tub into permanent water storage. Although you'd have to watch out for mosquitoes breeding there.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Ooooh, snow! I reckon it's been cold enough for snow here...but no clouds, just lots of sunshine. We won't get any rain now until November or so.

Hope the reno keeps going well.

Alice said...

So you got your snow, but we didn't. It snowed on the Brindabellas, about an hour's drive to the south, but we had a fine, sunny, very cold day. I went for a walk around the hill hoping for some photos of the snow on the hills but they were obviously on the wrong angle, as I had seen a good coverage from out on the highway.

I do hope you are keeping warm SOMEHOW during your renos.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann,it will be well worth the mess when completed. oh memories of our reno. new plaster through out, built in robes in to front bedrooms wall knocked out of 3 bedroom to make dinning room, complete new kitchen, less the wood stove, bathroom extended to have indoor loo and seperate shower, old one was obove the bath.. Take care Keep Warm..

Lisa said...

I've been offline and wow! I come back to find you are remodeling. Well, good for your flowers not stopping! Nature is wonderful. It's good to see you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Heat index here of 105 maybe just a gmoment of cold clean air would be nice...We always wish for the opposite of what we have.lol

Take good care,

AnnieElf said...

Lee-Ann, you have made renovating an almost poetic experience. Will the old tub go back into the bathroom or will it find new life in the garden?

Gina E. said...

I reckon if you put that bathtub in your opshop, it would sell within minutes!
Glad to hear you are protecting your bulbs from the tradies. I know what they can be like when they are doing stuff in someone else's garden. The blokes who installed our Foxtel cable destroyed two azaleas and a rhododendron in the process. Not much we could do once they'd gone.

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