Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A very long time ago we bought a pub! In Port Melbourne for $27,000.00 yes I did say it was a very long time ago. was an amazing place and just today after all these years of keeping bits from there that we found in lots of interesting places, I took a look again... through the little case of treasures and you know it is wonderful how you can see things differently as the years go by.
Doing Genealogy I think does it to you! 
So I want to share..........

These two pictures which were amongst many we found there tucked up the chimney, or behind old furniture, even out in the old outhouse!

 The Arnotts biscuit factory was not far from our "old pub" and it was once called "Swallow & Ariell" biscuits.
Here are two very interesting parts of that history.
Photo 1:
2nd donation of 500 cardigan jackets for our men in the 1st world war about 1914
It reads on the back wall.European War 1914 Swallow & Ariell Ltd patriotic working bee 2nd Donation 500 cardigan jackets cutters preparing garments for voluntary workers.

Love the sewing machines girls. Old singers. How special are they and how special are all the volunteers. 

And the second photo is a true moment in time and we would love to know who it is.
Genealogy truly gives you a feeling of hope that you may find who this is or who's family it belongs to.

Here's hoping always.


On another note! today is my best friends birthday......Happy birthday my beautiful husband.
and what do you give a husband who doesnt want anything but loves genealogy? well you give them a DNA Test kit.....he loved it!

My Husband Rob Hamilton is 66 years old today!!!


Gina E. said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Did our card arrive in time? For some reason I had Monday marked in my diary for his birthday, and sent a card off with apologies that it would be late...looks like I might have been right on time!
Bet it made his day to see the Red haired Witch deposed - lol!!!
As for coming to see our new t.v. - we will welcome you any time, you already know that! Cowboy movie? What about some good old rock n roll???

racheld said...

I love all the "Bits and pieces" from ANYONE'S past---sometimes those findings and retrievals can speak more eloquently than a photo or letter.

Sis and DBIL were just here, and SHE is the family Research Queen. She goes all over the country---to old home sites, to battlegrounds and POW camps and old family cemeteries buried in the brush of forgotten fields and the mists of time.

I love that she cares so much about our past, and that she's bringing to life so many of the folks who made us, and made us who we are.

Happy Birthday to Rob, and looking forward to more and more of your Family Finds!


Annie said...

Speaking of genealogy, I found a bunch of old pictures I had not seen since before my mom died. I thought I had gone through all of them but apparently not. I'm excited to get them in order and identified.

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